Section 3000.200  Classification of Licenses


The Board may classify an activity to be licensed in addition to, different from, or at a different level than the classifications set forth in this Subpart.


a)         Owners License.  An owner of a  Gaming Operation is required to hold an owners license.


b)         Suppliers License.  The following persons or entities are required to hold a suppliers license:


1)         Supplier of Gaming Equipment/Supplies, including a manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, or retailer.  All manufacturers of Electronic Gaming Devices, Chips,  Tokens, Voucher Systems, Voucher Validation Terminals, Voucher Printers, and Computer Monitoring Systems must be licensed as a Supplier regardless of whether the manufacturer uses an independent distributor or wholesaler to distribute its Equipment/Supplies.


2)         Supplier of Gaming Equipment maintenance or repair services.


3)         Supplier of security services.


4)         Lessors of Riverboat and/or dock facilities.


5)         Junketeers.


6)         Any other purveyor of goods or services to a Gaming Operation, as deemed necessary by the Board.


c)         Occupational License.  A person employed at a Gaming Operation is required to hold an occupational license.  An occupational licensee may perform any activity included within the licensee's level of occupational license or any lower level of occupational license.


1)         Occupational license, Level 1, includes the following positions, or their equivalent:


A)        Audit Manager;


B)        Casino Manager;


C)        Chief of Security;


D)        Chief of Surveillance;


E)        Chief Financial Officer and/or Controller;


F)         EDP Manager;


G)        Electronic Gaming Device Manager;


H)        General Manager;


I)         Table Games Manager; and


J)         Any other individual who, upon review of the applicant's or licensee's Table of Organization, Ownership and Control submitted under Section 3000.223, the Board determines holds a position or a level of ownership, control or influence that is material to the regulatory concerns and obligation of the Board for the specified licensee or applicant.


2)         Occupational License, Level 2.  A Gaming or security/surveillance employee not required to hold an occupational license, Level 1 under subsection (c)(1).


3)         Occupational License, Level 3.  An employee not required to hold an occupational license, Level 1 or Level 2  under subsections (c)(1) and (c)(2).


d)         Organization Gaming License.  An organization gaming license is a license authorizing gaming, issued under Section 7.7 of the Act, to a person or entity having operating control of a racetrack.  In addition to other requirements of this Part, organization gaming licensees are subject to the same duties and obligations as riverboat/casino owners licensees under Sections 3000.230, 3000.286, 3000.300, 3000.310 and 3000.840 and Section 7 of the Act.


(Source:  Amended at 44 Ill. Reg. 3224, effective February 4, 2020)