Section 3000.241  Renewal of Supplier's License


a)         Renewal Requirements

            Except as provided in subsection (d), upon the expiration of an initial suppliers license issued pursuant to Section 3000.240, the license may be renewed subject to the provisions of the Act and this Section 3000.241 for a licensure period of four years.  The renewal requirements shall include, but not be limited to, the following:


1)         Every fourth year following the initial licensing, the licensee shall provide documentation of the following in lieu of a renewal application:


A)        A written statement requesting renewal of the Supplier's license;


B)        A written statement verifying past compliance with the annual disclosure affidavit required under Section 3000.240(h)(2)(A);


C)        Measures taken by the licensee to assure compliance with the Act and this Part; and


D)        Responses to specific questions or concerns raised by the Board in its relicensure investigation and review process.


2)         In addition to the information submitted by the licensee pursuant to subsection (a)(1), Key Persons of the licensee who have previously filed Business Entity or Personal Disclosure Forms shall submit disclosure information pursuant to Section 3000.222(e)(2), updating, and attesting to the veracity of, all previously submitted materials and setting forth any required additional or different information from that which has been previously submitted.


3)         Materials submitted pursuant to this Section shall be provided at least 90 days prior to the renewal date, and must be accompanied by the required annual licensing fee.


4)         Nothing in this Section shall be interpreted to alter the duty to comply with the annual disclosure and fee requirements as set forth in Section 3000.240 or to disclose changes in information as set forth in Section 3000.140.


b)         Board Decision

            The Board shall base its renewal of a Supplier's license upon:


1)         The timeliness and responsiveness of the information submitted by the licensee as required pursuant to this Section 3000.241;


2)         The background, reputation, character and integrity of the Key Persons;


3)         The licensee's continuing ability to maintain the quality of its products or services;


4)         The overall adherence of the licensee to all requirements of the Act and this Part; and


5)         Any other information the Board deems appropriate and necessary to maintain public confidence in the credibility and integrity of gambling operations, as required by Section 2(b) of the Act.


c)         Term of Renewed Licenses

            Unless otherwise restricted pursuant to subsection (d), renewed licenses shall be issued for a term of four years.


d)         Licenses Restricted on Renewal


1)         Upon issuing a renewal license, the Board may restrict the term of or impose conditions upon a license.


2)         A restricted license may be issued on renewal in the event the Board has concerns regarding:


A)        The nature or quality of a product provided by the licensee in Illinois;


B)        The business experience or background of the licensee's Key Persons;


C)        The business practices in Illinois and other jurisdictions of the licensee, its Key Persons or any person who directly or indirectly controls the licensee;


D)        The licensee's reputation;


E)        The licensee's failure to comply with the Act and this Part.


3)         The term of a license restricted on renewal shall be for one year from the date of issuance.


4)         If, at the conclusion of the one year period for licenses restricted on renewal, the Board deems that the licensee has addressed and rectified the Board's concerns, the Board may issue a four year renewal license.


5)         Failure of the licensee to properly address and rectify the Board's concerns within a one year period may result in the issuance of another license restricted on renewal, the non-renewal of the license or disciplinary action authorized under Section 5 of the Act.


e)         Action of the Board


1)         The Board shall act at a public meeting on the renewal of a suppliers license.


2)         If the Board decides to deny license renewal, it shall direct the Administrator to issue a Notice of Denial to the suppliers licensee by certified mail or personal delivery.


3)         If the Board decides to issue a restricted license on renewal, it shall direct the Administrator to issue a Notice of Restricted License by certified mail or personal delivery.  Such Notice shall specify the reasons for a restricted license.


f)         Request for Hearing


1)         A suppliers licensee served with a Notice of Denial may request a hearing in accordance with Section 3000.405.


2)         A suppliers licensee served with a Notice of Restricted License on Renewal may request a hearing in accordance with Section 3000.405.


3)         If a hearing is not requested, the Notice of Denial or Notice of Restricted License on Renewal becomes the final order of the Board.


(Source:  Amended at 38 Ill. Reg. 2808, effective January 8, 2014)