Section 3000.606  Gaming Positions


a)         Each holder of an owners license or organization gaming license shall limit the number of gaming positions concurrently available for play to the maximum permitted by its license under the Act.


b)         Gaming positions shall be counted as follows:


1)         Positions for Games utilizing Electronic Gaming Devices shall be determined as 90 percent of the total number of devices available for play.


2)         Positions for Games available for play that do not utilize an Electronic Gaming Device shall be determined by the Administrator.  The Administrator shall make this determination at the time the internal controls for the Game are approved, using the following standards.


A)        Any Game with internal controls approved before September 1, 2019 shall count as 5 positions, except craps, which shall count as 10 positions.


B)        In determining the number of gaming positions for a Game, the Administrator shall consider the following:


i)          The number of positions assigned to the same Game in the approved controls of any owners licensee or organization gaming licensee;


ii)         The nature and scope of differences between the internal controls of the Game and those other instances of the same or similar games operated by any owners licensee or organization gaming licensee; and


iii)        The possible maximum number of concurrent players.


c)         The total gaming positions shall not include:


1)         Any Electronic Gaming Device that is disabled or otherwise not operational for play by a patron.


2)         Any live gaming device that is not currently operational and available to play.


3)         Any promotional give-away or tournament for which there is no entry fee required for any participant.


4)         Sports wagering conducted pursuant to the Sports Wagering Act [230 ILCS 45].


5)         Pari-mutuel wagering conducted pursuant to the Illinois Horse Racing Act of 1975 [230 ILCS 5].


d)         Licensees may reallocate gaming positions at any time with prior written notice to the Board.


e)         Owners licensees and organization gaming licensees shall adopt internal controls regarding the allocation of gaming positions and logging of any reallocation.


f)         Owners licensees and organization gaming licensees shall, immediately upon request, provide to Board agents an accounting of the current allocation of gaming positions.


g)         Logs of gaming position allocation must be retained for at least as long as prescribed by the published Records Retention Schedule (see Section 3000.115), or longer upon written notice by the Administrator or his or her designee.


(Source:  Amended at 44 Ill. Reg. 3224, effective February 4, 2020)