Section 3000.660  Minimum Standards for Electronic Gaming Devices


a)         Electronic Gaming Devices shall pay out a mathematically demonstrable percentage of all amounts Wagered, which must not be less than 80% nor more than 100% unless otherwise approved by the Administrator.  Electronic Gaming Devices that may be affected by player skill must meet this standard when using a method of play that will provide the greatest return to the player over a period of continuous play.


b)         Electronic Gaming Devices shall, at a minimum:


1)         Be controlled by a microprocessor or the equivalent;


2)         Be compatible to on-line data monitoring;


3)         Contain an EPROM or other non-alterable storage media that has been approved by the Administrator subsequent to a review of the EPROM or other non-alterable storage media by an independent laboratory designated by the Administrator;


4)         Have a separate locked internal enclosure within the device for the circuit board containing the EPROM and for all other non-alterable storage media program storage that has an effect on the game's integrity; if using other non-alterable storage media, provide a security device or protocol approved by the Administrator to guarantee program inaccessibility by other than by an approved method and personnel and only in the presence of a Gaming Board agent;


5)         Be able to continue a Game with no data loss after a power failure;


6)         Have previous and current Game data recall;


7)         Have a random selection process that must not produce detectable patterns of Game elements or detectable dependency upon any previous Game outcome, the amount Wagered, or upon the style or method of play;


8)         Clearly display applicable rules of play and the payout schedule;


9)         Display an accurate representation of each Game outcome.  After selection of the Game outcome, the Electronic Gaming Device must not make a variable secondary decision which affects the result shown to the player;


10)         Have a complete set of nonvolatile meters including amounts wagered, amounts awarded, amounts redeemed, total Vouchers issued, total quantity of Vouchers issued and United States currency, Vouchers, and  Tokens dropped;


11)         Make available for random selection at the initiation of each play each possible permutation or combination of Game elements which produce winning or losing Game outcomes;


12)         Not automatically alter pay-tables or any function of the Electronic Gaming Device based on internal computation of the hold percentage; and


13)         If interfaced with a Voucher System, meet the minimum requirements for a Voucher System as set forth in this Part.


c)         When an Electronic Gaming Device is unable to drop sufficient Tokens or issue a Voucher in a sufficient amount for payment of jackpots requiring the payment to be made by the Riverboat, jackpot payout tickets must be prepared containing the following information:


1)         The location of the Electronic Gaming Device;


2)         The date;


3)         The time of day;


4)         The Electronic Gaming Device number;


5)         The amount of the jackpot payout in numeric form if the ticket is machine generated, or in written and numeric form if the ticket is prepared manually;


6)         The signature of the holder of an Owner's license or Riverboat Gaming Operation employee making the payment; and


7)         A signature of at least one other Riverboat Gaming Operation employee attesting to the accuracy of the form.


d)         Electronic Gaming Devices linked to any Progressive Jackpot system shall meet the following specifications:


1)         The value of a Progressive Jackpot shall be clearly displayed above the interlinked Electronic Gaming Devices, and metered incrementally by a Progressive Controller.  Any Electronic Gaming Device that offers a Progressive Jackpot, or that is linked to a Progressive Jackpot, must prominently display a manufacturer-supplied glass indicating either that a Progressive Jackpot is to be paid or indicating the current amount of the jackpot.  All Electronic Gaming Devices linked and contributing to a common Progressive Jackpot shall have the same probability of hitting the combination that will award the Progressive Jackpot;


2)         A Progressive Jackpot may be transferred to another progressive Electronic Gaming Device at the same location in the event of a device malfunction or replacement, with approval of the Administrator;


3)         A holder of an Owner's license may impose a limit on the Progressive Jackpot of Electronic Gaming Devices which are linked to any Progressive Controller;


4)         No Progressive Jackpot indicator shall be cancelled or turned back to a lesser amount unless one of the following circumstances occurs:


A)        The amount shown on the progressive meter is paid to a player as a jackpot;


B)        It becomes necessary to adjust the progressive meter to prevent the jackpot indicator from displaying an amount greater than the limit imposed by the Riverboat Gaming Operation pursuant to subsection (d)(3) of this Section; and


C)        It becomes necessary to change the jackpot indicator because of an Electronic Gaming Device malfunction, in which case such malfunction and adjustment must be recorded by appropriate Electronic Gaming Device monitoring on-line data system;


5)         A holder of an Owner's license who is liable for payment of a Progressive Jackpot must secure the amount of same by a cash deposit, a performance bond, or a security instrument nationally recognized in the Gaming industry.  The Administrator must approve all deposits, bonds, or other instruments, and the security instrument must be secured in a method approved by the Administrator.


e)         The Administrator may approve, for use in a Tournament involving Electronic Gaming Devices, a Tournament EPROM or other non-alterable storage media subject to the following requirements:


1)         The Tournament EPROM or other non-alterable storage media has been tested and approved for use as may be required by the Administrator.


2)         The installation, use and secure storage of the Tournament EPROM or other non-alterable storage media is provided for in the Internal Control System of the Riverboat Gaming Operation.


3)         The Tournament EPROM or other non-alterable storage media is installed and removed from an Electronic Gaming Device only in the presence of a Board agent.


4)         An Electronic Gaming Device is rendered unavailable for wagering or play, except in the conduct of a Tournament, when a Tournament EPROM or other non-alterable storage media is installed in the Electronic Gaming Device and is set in tournament mode.


5)         As applicable, the Administrator has waived or modified the data reporting and monitoring requirements of Section 3000.670 so as to prevent inapplicable Tournament payout information from being used in the calculation of Adjusted Gross Receipts.


6)         Patrons engaging in a Tournament have been given proper information as to the effect that play with a Tournament EPROM or other non-alterable storage media has on the rules of play and the payout information that is posted on Electronic Gaming Devices used in the Tournament.


f)         The use of remote access is prohibited unless the Administrator has approved internal controls that specifically address remote access procedures.


(Source:  Amended at 34 Ill. Reg. 3748, effective March 11, 2010)