Section 1010.420  Temporary Permit Pending Registration In Illinois


a)         General Provisions


1)         For the purpose of this Part, Illinois Temporary Registration Permit (hereinafter referred to as Temporary Permit) shall refer to a temporary plate, issued or provided by the Secretary of State, which allows the operation of a vehicle after proper application has been made and fees received, until the receipt of registration plates and/or sticker.


2)         The Secretary of State shall prescribe the form and content of the Temporary Permit plate.  Temporary Permit plates shall include both a standard size plate and a reduced size plate for use on motor driven cycles or motorcycles.  The Secretary of State shall issue the Temporary Permit and no other document shall be deemed a valid Temporary Permit.  This provision shall in no way be construed as restricting the provisions of Section 3-401 of the Illinois Vehicle Code.


3)         Entities authorized to issue Temporary Permit Plates pursuant to Section 1010.421 of this Part shall have the necessary computer hardware, software and communication devices for accessing the Secretary of State's Internet site for the registration of Temporary Permit plates.


4)         The Temporary Permit shall not be valid for more than 90 days from the date of issuance, unless extended or reduced at the discretion of the Secretary of State.  In exercising that discretion, the Secretary of State shall take into consideration the following factors:


A)        The nature and type of application;


B)        The availability of the registration plates and/or stickers applied for;


C)        The processing time for the application;


D)        Other relevant matters affecting the issuance thereof.


In any event, once the applied-for registration plates and/or stickers have been issued to and received by the applicant, the Temporary Permit is void.


5)         The Temporary Permit plate shall be securely attached to the rear of the vehicle in the space designed for the permanent registration plate, consistent with the provisions of Section 3-413(b) of the Illinois Vehicle Code.


6)         The Temporary Permit must be removed upon receipt of the registration plates and/or sticker.  The Temporary Permit is not transferable from one person to another, nor from vehicle to vehicle.


b)         Newly Acquired Vehicles

A Temporary Permit to operate a newly acquired vehicle for which a valid application for title and registration has been filed, accompanied with the proper fees, may be issued by or for the Secretary of State to the buyer of such vehicle, pending action upon the application.


c)         Renewal Registrations

In the event that an individual fails to renew a registration plate or sticker upon expiration, a Temporary Permit may be issued only by a Secretary of State facility, or remittance agent, and only under the following circumstances:


1)         The applicant presents proof of ownership of the vehicle through a title, preprinted application, I.D. Card, or verification of ownership by the records of the Secretary of State.


2)         The applicant presents payment of all fees due.


3)         The renewal registration plates and/or stickers are not readily available at a financial institution, as defined in Section 1010.240 of this Part.


4)         The appropriate registration stickers or registration plates are not immediately available at a facility.


d)         Miscellaneous Provisions


The Secretary of State may also issue Temporary Permits only at official State of Illinois facilities in any of the following situations:

1)         If an individual has made application for registration, either renewal or otherwise, prior to expiration and does not receive the registration by the expiration date.  The individual must present proof thereof acceptable to the Secretary of State;


2)         Any situation where the individual makes proper application for title and registration, or registration alone, and the Secretary of State is unable to issue the appropriate registration at that time.


(Source:  Amended at 27 Ill. Reg. 4790, effective February 27, 2003)