Section 1010.426 Seven Day Permits


a) For the purpose of this Section, the following definitions shall apply:


"Authorized Agent" a licensed remittance agent or dealer who has made application for and received Seven Day Permits from the Secretary of State for issuance to subsequent permit purchasers.


"Seven Day Permit" a temporary registration permit as provided in IVC Section 3-403 issued to an Illinois resident for operation of a non-registered vehicle within the State of Illinois for up to 7 days. In addition, the permit can be issued to a person whose registration has a renewal hold for non-compliance with the emissions program. This will allow the person to drive to an emissions testing station or repair facility. The permit can be issued by a licensed dealer or remittance agent or at most Secretary of State facilities.


"Permit Purchaser" an Illinois resident purchasing a Seven Day Permit for his/her non-registered vehicle.


"Secretary of State" Secretary of State of Illinois.


"IVC" − Illinois Vehicle Code.


b) If a permit purchaser obtains a Seven Day Permit at a Secretary of State facility:


1) The appropriate fee must accompany the transaction as provided in IVC Section 3-403.


2) The permit purchaser shall provide proof that he/she owns the vehicle. Acceptable ownership documents include, but are not limited to:


A) a title issued in the permit purchaser's name;


B) a title assigned to the permit purchaser;


C) a Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin issued or assigned to the permit purchaser;


D) a registration identification card that has been expired less than one year; or


E) verification through the Secretary of State computer file.


3) The Secretary of State employee shall attach a photocopy of the proof of ownership to the second part of the permit (the agent's copy). If ownership is verified through the Secretary of State's database, the information shall be written on the agent's copy.


4) The permits shall be issued in numerical sequence and completed in full containing the following information:


A) the issuance date and expiration date of the permit;


B) the name and address of the permit purchaser;


C) the year, make and vehicle identification number of the vehicle;


D) the name and address of the Secretary of State issuing facility; and


E) the signature of the Secretary of State employee.


c) If a dealer or remittance agent wishes to obtain permits for issuance as an authorized agent of the Secretary of State:


1) The dealer/remittance agent shall submit an application accompanied by the appropriate fee as provided in IVC Section 3-403 for each permit to the Secretary of State that contains the following information:


A) the name and address of the authorized agent and his/her license number;


B) the type and quantity of permits being requested; and


C) the signature of the authorized agent.


d) The sale of permits by an authorized agent is as follows:


1) If a permit purchaser obtains a permit from an authorized agent rather than a Secretary of State facility, he/she shall provide proof of ownership to the authorized agent as provided in subsections (b)(2)(A) through (D).


2) The authorized agent shall attach a photocopy of the proof of ownership to the second part of the permit (agent's copy as provided in subsection (b)(3)) and complete the Seven Day Permit in full as provided in subsection (b)(4). The only difference is that the permit will contain the name, address and signature of the authorized agent rather than the Secretary of State facility address and the Secretary of State employee's signature.


3) The authorized agent shall issue the permits in numerical order. The authorized agent shall maintain records of the permits issued for 3 years. The Secretary of State or his or her representative shall have the authority to inspect the records of any authorized agent issuing Seven Day Permits.


e) The permit shall be displayed in the upper left corner of the rear window of the vehicle. License plates are not to be displayed on the vehicle if the permit is being used. The permit can be issued to both first and second division vehicles, but second division vehicles must be operated on empty weight. When properly displayed, the permit is an official document recognized by law enforcement agencies.


f) Seven Day Permits may be issued for a variety of situations, including, but not limited to, the following:


1) test driving a vehicle being sold by a non-dealer without current registration;


2) driving a homemade trailer to a Secretary of State facility for inspection pursuant to IVC Section 3-104(1);


3) driving a vehicle that has a registration renewal hold due to failure to comply with the emissions requirements to an EPA testing station; and


4) driving a vehicle that must be inspected to an authorized inspection site pursuant to IVC Section 3-308 or 13-101.


g) Under no circumstances shall a Seven Day Permit be issued to a wholesaler.


(Source: Amended at 43 Ill. Reg. 3945, effective March 15, 2019)