Section 1010.459  Universal Plate Decal


a)         Definitions


"Authorized organization" − an entity that has statutory authority to issue a decal to a universal special plate as set forth in the Illinois Vehicle Code.


"Universal special plate" − a unique standard or motorcycle size registration plate with a space on the left hand side of the registration plate measuring 1˝" wide x 2" high for standard plates or 1" wide x 1˝" high for motorcycle size plates in which various authorized organizations may create and sell decals to be placed on the registration plate.


"Decal" − a sticker or adhesive backed picture designed, manufactured and distributed by an authorized organization that affixes to the universal special plate.


b)         Purpose

This Section sets forth the procedures that an authorized organization that has been authorized to distribute a decal for the universal special plate, as established under the IVC, must follow.  The universal special plate is a plate authorized by the General Assembly to be used as a fundraising mechanism that multiple organizations may use to represent their various causes.


c)         Authorized Organization


1)         The authorized organizations approved by the General Assembly are set forth in IVC Section 3-699.14.


2)         It is the responsibility of the authorized organization to design the decal it chooses to issue.  The design must be approved by the Secretary prior to issuance to the public.  Upon approval of the design, it is the responsibility of the authorized organization to purchase, distribute and maintain a sufficient inventory of the decals.


3)         The authorized organization must make the decal available to any registered vehicle owner who has selected the organization to support under the statute.


4)         The authorized organization shall communicate to the Secretary the method of receipt it will issue registered vehicle owners for presentation to the Secretary as evidence of purchase.


5)         The authorized organization may charge a one time fee not to exceed $25 per decal to the registered vehicle owner to recoup the costs of manufacturing and administration of the decal program.


d)         Registered Vehicle Owner


1)         The registered vehicle owner must select an organization approved by the General Assembly.


2)         The registered vehicle owner must obtain the decal from the authorized organization of his or her choosing prior to application for the universal special plate.  Upon application, the registered vehicle owner must present a receipt, as designated by the authorized organization, to the Secretary as evidence the decal was purchased.


3)         The registered vehicle owner must maintain the chosen authorized organization's decal for the entire length of the registration.  To choose a different authorized organization, one must apply for a new universal special plate.


4)         The decal must be placed in the designated area on the universal special plate.


e)         Decal Sticker Requirements


1)         The authorized organization must contract with a manufacturer to produce the decal.  A copy of the contract between the authorized organization and the manufacturer must be provided to and approved by the Secretary prior to production of the decal.  The Secretary shall notify the authorized organization within 30 days after receipt if he or she has any objections to the terms and/or conditions of the contract.  Information concerning the costs may be redacted from the contract prior to submission.


2)         All decals produced for the authorized organization shall meet specific requirements.  The decal must:


A)        fit within a 1˝" wide x 2" high space for a standard size registration plate.


B)        fit within a 1" wide x 1˝" high space for a motorcycle size registration plate.


C)        adhere to the surface of the registration plate without the necessity of additional adhesive on the reflective material or application surface, or the use of water, other solvents, or heat techniques. 


D)        be precoated with a pressure sensitive adhesive that will create a durable bond to clean, dry, well-painted surfaces or unpainted corrosion proof metals.  The adhesive must permit application to the prescribed surfaces and clean registration plates at temperatures as high as 125°F and as low as -10°F.  The adhesive shall remain adhered at all temperatures for a minimum of 5 years under normal conditions of use.


E)        maintain the integrity of the design chosen by the authorized organization for a minimum of 5 years under normal conditions of use.


3)         The manufacturer must guarantee the correctness of the decals.  Defective decals  that will not properly attach to a registration plate, or those that are not properly pressure sealed, must be replaced by the manufacturer at no cost to the Secretary or the registered vehicle owner.


4)            If, at any time, it becomes apparent that an authorized organization's decals failed to satisfy the minimum requirements set forth in this Section, the Secretary may order the authorized organization to destroy all additional decals in inventory and replace any decals issued to a vehicle owner with a decal that meets the above specifications. Any compensation the authorized organization receives from the manufacturer when decals are ordered to be replaced shall be determined by the terms of the contract between the authorized organization and the manufacturer. The authorized organization shall not issue any additional decals until the defect has been addressed to the satisfaction of the Secretary.


(Source:  Added at 43 Ill. Reg. 3945, effective March 15, 2019)