Section 1010.730  Intrastate Movements, Foreign Vehicles


a)         Any motor vehicle operated upon the highways of the State of Illinois "intrastate" shall be properly registered in and display the current and valid registration plates and card of the State of Illinois except herein provided.


b)         Movements that are "Intrastate"

            The following movements of commercial vehicles are all deemed to be "intrastate", and must be made with motor vehicles properly registered in Illinois:


1)         Transportation of property, cargo or freight from any Illinois point of origin to any Illinois destination.


2)         Transportation of property, cargo, or freight from any Illinois point of origin to an Illinois dock, terminal, or warehouse for subsequent reloading or further transport.


3)         Transportation wherein cargo or freight is loaded within Illinois for an Illinois destination.


4)         Transportation of persons from any Illinois point of origin to any Illinois destination except when incidental to and concurrent with an interstate movement by a bus, part of a bus fleet prorated with Illinois along its interstate route.


c)         Movements that may be "Intrastate" but which may be made on foreign plates


1)         The following movements are permitted by law to be made with motor vehicles properly registered in other states:


A)        "Non-Commercial" vehicle may be operated "intrastate" within Illinois, for personal or recreational purposes by the non-resident owner or operator, until he becomes a resident.  Any non-resident who changes his address and moves into Illinois, or who becomes gainfully employed for a period of more than 60 days and has an abode within Illinois, shall be deemed a resident for registration purpose.


B)        A "Commercial" vehicle registered in another jurisdiction as part of a fleet registered prorate in Illinois may conduct a bonafide intrastate operation incidental to its interstate operations if it is displaying a current and valid Illinois Prorate Decal together with a current and valid foreign registration plate in any of the following intrastate movements but no combination thereof:


i)          Interstate movements in the normal course of operations and such intrastate cargo or freight on such unit may not constitute more than 40% of the entire cargo or freight of the vehicle conducting such movement;


ii)         All of the cargo or freight on the vehicle consists of cargo or freight which has an origin or ultimate destination outside of Illinois.


iii)        Cargo or freight may be added in Illinois on a vehicle which was brought into Illinois for delivery to another point in Illinois or beyond provided that such carrier retains 60% of his interstate cargo on the vehicle at the time the freight is picked up and such carrier is limited to only one intrastate movement on said vehicle.


2)         Foreign registered trucks and truck tractors must possess in the cab of the vehicle an Illinois reciprocity permit or display a prorate decal if 12,001 pounds or more.


d)         Movements that are "Interstate" and not "Intrastate"

            The following movements of a vehicle are deemed to be "interstate" and may be made by a vehicle "property registered" elsewhere, so long as such vehicle possesses in the cab of the vehicle a valid or current Illinois Reciprocity Permit, or displays a valid or current Prorate Decal, if 12,001 pounds or more:


1)         Multiple dropoffs or deliveries by a vehicle of cargo or freight hauled into Illinois from out-of-state and any such vehicle destined for more than one Illinois destination;


2)         Partial dropoff or delivery by a vehicle of cargo or freight hauled into Illinois and any such vehicle with one or more Illinois destinations, with final dropoff or delivery of cargo or freight at an out-of-state destination;


3)         Multiple pickups by a vehicle of "interstate" cargo or freight to be hauled directly out-of-state including cases where partial dropoff or delivery of "interstate" cargo or freight hauled into Illinois on the same vehicle was made.


4)         Movement of an empty semitrailer and/or trailer between Illinois points incidental to an interstate shipment of cargo or freight and not normal "spotting" operation.


(Source:  Amended at 4 Ill. Reg. 17, p. 247, effective April 11, 1980)