Section 1010.740  Trip and Short-term Permits


a)         One-trip permits:  72 hours or 3 calendar days.


1)         Interstate Movements by "Commercial Vehicles".


A)        One-trip permits for the operation within Illinois of "commercial vehicles" whether for-hire or not-for-hire, when such are not eligible for reciprocity, may be issued on an occasional basis or for a specific short-term or emergency use.  However, such permits are not available for:


i)          Vehicles eligible for Reciprocity and which must possess in their cabs Illinois Reciprocity Permits.


ii)         Vehicles eligible for apportionment unless, in the discretion of the Secretary, it is impractical to apportion or prorate a particular vehicle.


iii)        Qualifying a "not-for-hire" vehicle for a "for-hire" movement.


iv)        In lieu of required registration except as herein provided.


v)         To qualify a vehicle for intrastate movements unless otherwise provided for in this rule.


B)        Permits may be issued in advance of a movement in the name of the applicant, and the applicant may then complete the vehicle data required in advance of the movement.  However, data must be typed in before the movement commences to prevent re-use of the same permit.


C)        A permit is valid for only one trip or one round-trip by one vehicle or combination but once.  Copies of used permits must be retained for four calendar years and be available for audit.


D)        A permit shall be valid for only one proper use within 90 days after issuance and shall be void thereafter.


E)        A "carnival" vehicle properly registered in a reciprocal jurisdiction which has come to rest at a point in Illinois and which is then to be moved to another point in Illinois in an intrastate movement shall be eligible for a one-trip permit for carnival purposes only.  No blank permits will be issued.


F)         No permit is required for a semitrailer or trailer if the motor vehicle drawing or towing the same has a valid permit including the gross weight of the trailing vehicle.


2)         Other Limitations and Restrictions.

            Limitations and restrictions affecting permits are as follows:


A)        Reclassification of any permit is not permissible.


B)        Transfer of any permit is not permissible.


C)        Refunds for an unused permit are not available.


D)        Replacement of a lost permit is not permissible.


E)        Vehicles required by law to be registered in Illinois for a calendar or fiscal year are not eligible for any permit.


b)         One-month Registration Permits.


1)         A registration permit for one calendar month may be issued to vehicles of the second division, only on an occasional basis or for a specific and special short-term use.  Such permits may not be issued to vehicles which are required by law to be registered on an annual basis.


2)         Therefore, such registrations shall be limited to the following situations:


A)        Carnival vehicles registered in other States and used only temporarily in Illinois in intrastate movements.


B)        Itinerant farm trucks registered in other States, leased by an Illinois farmer, and the owner thereof picks produce and delivers it to the point of first processing.


C)        School buses displaying an Illinois school bus plate, for charter operations within Illinois.


3)         All such permits shall be restricted as follows:


A)        No refunds will be accepted or granted.


B)        Reclassification of a permit will not be permitted.


C)        Transfer of a permit from one person to another or from one vehicle to another will not be permitted.


D)        Replacement of a lost permit will not be made.


E)        The permit shall be subject to revocation for a violation or if it is not affixed permanently to the vehicle.


(Source:  Amended at 15 Ill. Reg. 12782, effective August 15, 1991)