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Representative Mary E. Flowers (D), 31st District - 100th General Assembly
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
HB239Mary E. FlowersDRUG MANUFACTURER-DISCLOSURESHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB240Mary E. FlowersPRESCRIPTION DATA PRIVACYHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB241Mary E. FlowersDHS-FOSTER CARE-MENTAL HEALTHHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB242Mary E. FlowersCOLLEGE ADMISSION INQUIRIESHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB243Mary E. FlowersSCH-POLICE JOB TRAINING PROGHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-03318/25/2017
HB244Mary E. FlowersPENALTIES-SCHOOL DEFINITIONHThird Reading - Short Debate - Lost 044-068-0014/5/2017
HB262Mary E. FlowersMIN WAGE-$15 PER HOURHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB264Mary E. FlowersCD CORR-SENTENCING HEARINGHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB265Mary E. FlowersSCH REPORT CARD-LEAD-CHICAGOHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB266Mary E. FlowersSCH CD-ST ASSESSMENTS-OPT OUTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB267Mary E. Flowers$ISBE-AUTISM PROGRAMSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB268Mary E. FlowersSCH CD-CHI-SCH NURSE REQUIREDHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB269Mary E. FlowersSCH CD-SUMMER SCHOOL-NO CHARGEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB281Mary E. FlowersFOSTER CHILD-PSYCH DRUGSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB453Mary E. FlowersFINANCIAL TRANSACT-TECHHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB454Mary E. FlowersCOMMUNITY BANK OF IL ACTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB455Mary E. FlowersINCOME TAX-EARNED INC CREDITHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB458Mary E. FlowersPRETRIAL DETENTION-INNOCENCEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB735Mary E. FlowersMEDICAID REDETERMINATIONSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB736Mary E. FlowersDHS-SMALL BUSINESS GRANT PGRAMHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-03478/25/2017
HB1781Mary E. FlowersWRONGFUL PROSECUTION COMM'NHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB1782Mary E. FlowersCOERCED CONFESSION-INNOCENCEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB1786Mary E. FlowersCHLD MNTL HLTH LOCL INTEG FUNDHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB2375Mary E. FlowersPOLICE STOP WITHOUT ARRESTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB2376Mary E. FlowersFAMILY LEAVE INSURANCE PROGRAMHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB2380Mary E. FlowersPOLICE DISCIPLINARY COMPLAINTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB2381Mary E. FlowersRACIAL TERMSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB2392Mary E. FlowersPHARMACY-PRESCRIPTION LIMITSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB2393Mary E. FlowersST CONTRACTS-MINORITY BUSINESSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB2409Mary E. FlowersDRUG ASSET FORFEITURE-PUB DEFHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB2436Mary E. FlowersMEDICARE FOR ALL HEALTH CAREHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB2457Mary E. FlowersDCFS-JUV JUST-SUPPORT SERVICESHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB2458Mary E. FlowersHOME RULE COMMODITY TAXHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB2504Mary E. FlowersWAGE INSURANCE ACTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB2800Mary E. FlowersPERINATAL HIV PREVENTIONHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-02658/22/2017
HB2857Mary E. FlowersCOMMUNITY-INTEGRATED LIVINGHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB2858Mary E. FlowersPEACE OFFICER ACCOUNTABILITYHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB2859Mary E. FlowersDCEO-JOB TRAINING-UNEMPLOYMENTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB2979Mary E. FlowersREGULATION-TECHHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB3830Mary E. FlowersPERSONNEL-LOW-INCOME HOUSEHOLDHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB3831Mary E. FlowersCD CORR-JOB TRAINING AND EDUCAHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4105Mary E. FlowersORIG NATL ANTHEM EDUC MONTHHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4123Mary E. FlowersVEH CD-FINE WAIVERHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4126Mary E. FlowersDNA SPECIMENS-SUBMISSIONHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4153Mary E. FlowersFREESTANDING EMERGENCY CENTERSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4264Mary E. FlowersCD CORR-FINES-DEFAULT-WARRANTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4265Mary E. FlowersCD CORR-FINES-DEFAULT-WARRANTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4266Mary E. FlowersIMPLEMENT LEGISLATION REPORTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4267Mary E. FlowersDEPARTMENT IMPLEMENTING REPORTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4362Mary E. FlowersPRETRIAL DETENTION-INNOCENCEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5062Mary E. FlowersSCH CD-TECHNICAL SKILLS PROGRMHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5135Mary E. FlowersTANF-GRANT AMOUNT INCREASESHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5850Mary E. FlowersPEN CD-PROHIBITED TRANSACTIONSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HR19Mary E. FlowersCONGRATS - JOANN JOHNSONHResolution Adopted1/24/2017
HR75Mary E. FlowersRATIFY CONVENTION ON CHILD RTSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HR76Mary E. FlowersPASS SOC SEC LEGISLATIONHResolution Adopted6/22/2017
HR77Mary E. FlowersGUN VIOLENCE CONFERENCEHResolution Adopted5/9/2017
HR88Mary E. FlowersPRESCRIPT DRUGS COST - FEDSHResolution Adopted5/11/2017
HR89Mary E. FlowersCPS - REPURPOSE SCHOOLSHResolution Adopted6/22/2017
HR90Mary E. FlowersMEMORIAL - EDNA M. LAMBERTHResolution Adopted2/8/2017
HR211Mary E. FlowersMEMORIAL - CAROLYN RUSHHResolution Adopted3/16/2017
HR217Mary E. FlowersCONGRATS - CHIEF N. GAILIUSHResolution Adopted3/21/2017
HR325Mary E. FlowersRECOGNIZE M. WALKER COMMUNITYHResolution Adopted4/24/2017
HR326Mary E. FlowersENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE AGENDAHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HR351Mary E. FlowersSCHOOL DIVERSITY - CHICAGOHResolution Adopted6/25/2017
HR474Mary E. FlowersCONGRATS - REP. MONIQUE DAVISHResolution Adopted5/31/2017
HR513Mary E. FlowersTANF-INCREASE STATE FUNDINGHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HR537Mary E. FlowersCELEBRATE MEDICARE ANNIVERSARYHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HR542Mary E. FlowersSOCIAL SECURITY WEP-ELIMINATEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HR624Mary E. FlowersCONGRATS-ISAIAH CURRYHResolution Adopted10/24/2017
HR625Mary E. FlowersORIGINAL NAT. ANTHEM LYRICSHResolution Adopted11/8/2017
HR635Mary E. FlowersCONGRATS-NOEL B. CUMMINGSHResolution Adopted10/24/2017
HR738Mary E. FlowersMEMORIAL-HERBERT L. HEDGEMANHResolution Adopted1/30/2018
HR757Mary E. FlowersCONGRATS-COL. JOANN D. JOHNSONHResolution Adopted1/31/2018
HR770Mary E. FlowersMEMORIAL-DR. RUDY HORNEHResolution Adopted1/30/2018
HR850Mary E. FlowersMEDICAID OVERSIGHT TASK FORCEHResolution Adopted as Amended 098-002-0005/10/2018
HR999Mary E. FlowersMEMORIAL-IVY L. PARKERHResolution Adopted4/20/2018
HR1024Mary E. FlowersWITHHOLD PATRONAGE FORD PROD.HSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HR1195Mary E. FlowersCONGRATS-KEITH KELLEHERHResolution Adopted11/13/2018
HR1198Mary E. FlowersCONGRATS-KEITH KELLEHERHResolution Adopted11/13/2018
HR1224Mary E. FlowersMEMORIAL-LOUISE MCKINNEYHResolution Adopted11/13/2018
HR1265Mary E. FlowersMEMORIAL-G. GUFFIE JONESHResolution Adopted11/13/2018
HJR28Mary E. FlowersAMERICAN RECOVERY PROGRAMHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HJR80Mary E. FlowersCONGRESS-PASS U.S. HR 2574HResolution Adopted11/8/2017
SB1696Jacqueline Y. CollinsMUSLIM ADVISORY COUNCILSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-04598/25/2017
SB3112Mattie HunterDCFS-FAMILY PRESERVATION SRVCSSSession Sine Die1/9/2019
SB3115Mattie HunterTANF-GRANT AMOUNT INCREASESSSession Sine Die1/9/2019