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Representative La Shawn K. Ford (D), 8th District
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
HB203La Shawn K. FordCRIM PRO-BAIL RELEASE FACTORSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB204La Shawn K. FordCHICAGO MAYOR RECALL ELECTIONHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB205La Shawn K. FordNO REPRESENTATION WITHOUT POPHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB206La Shawn K. FordELEC CD-PHOTOGRAPH BALLOTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB208La Shawn K. FordHIGHER ED-GRANTS TO TEACHERSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB209La Shawn K. FordUNEMPLOYMNT CONTRBUTE QUARTRLYHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB210La Shawn K. Ford$GRANTS-DHS-CHILD CAREHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB211La Shawn K. Ford$IHDA-REHAB ABANDONED HOUSINGHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB212La Shawn K. FordUNIVERSAL CHILD CARE PROGRAMHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB213La Shawn K. FordSCHOOL CHOICE ACTHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-04669/8/2017
HB214La Shawn K. FordAG-INVESTIGATE PROS MISCONDUCTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB215La Shawn K. FordINC TX-CHECKOFF-MENTAL HEALTHHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB216La Shawn K. FordINC TX-DRAFT RETURNSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB217La Shawn K. FordCRIM CD-CYBER-BULLYINGHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB218La Shawn K. FordCRIM PRO-BAIL-JUDGE DISCRETIONHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB223La Shawn K. FordNURSING HOME-RESID ID WRISTLETHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-02938/24/2017
HB233La Shawn K. FordCRIM ID-SEALING RECORDSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB235La Shawn K. FordTOBACCO-SINGLE CIGARETTEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB236La Shawn K. FordCHILD SUPPORT-COMMITTED PERSONHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB237La Shawn K. FordCHILD SUPPORT-INTEREST ACCRUALHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB259La Shawn K. FordISOLATED CONFINEMENTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB272La Shawn K. FordLOTTERY-SCRATCH-OUT CRIMEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB273La Shawn K. FordLOTTERY-AFTER SCHOOL RESCUEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB367La Shawn K. FordAPPRAISALS-VALUE AFTER REHABHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB471La Shawn K. FordRENTAL OF FORECLOSURE PROPERTYHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB483La Shawn K. FordCRIM PRO-BAIL-SHERIFF PETITIONHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB514La Shawn K. FordCRIM ID-IMMEDIATE SEALINGHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-02828/24/2017
HB515La Shawn K. FordNURSING HOME-RESID ID WRISTLETHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB533La Shawn K. FordIEMA-DISASTER-STREET VIOLENCEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB823La Shawn K. FordBANKS-COMMUNITY REINVESTMENTHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-03048/24/2017
HB1594La Shawn K. FordEMPLOYMENT-TECHHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-114712/10/2018
HB1769La Shawn K. FordCRIM CD-PARENTAL BULLYINGHTabled2/16/2017
HB1770La Shawn K. FordCRIM ID-IMMEDIATE SEALINGHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB2365La Shawn K. FordVEH CD-RED LIGHT CAMERASHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB2366La Shawn K. FordVEH CD-RED LIGHT CAMERASHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB2367La Shawn K. FordCRIM ID-SEALING RECORDSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB2368La Shawn K. FordJUV CT-PROBATIONHTabled1/31/2018
HB2456La Shawn K. FordCRIM PRO - BAIL LIMITSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB2794La Shawn K. FordVOCATIONAL ACADEMY-CHARTER SCHHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-01338/18/2017
HB2795La Shawn K. FordCOMPENSATION-WRONGFUL PRISONHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB3804La Shawn K. FordCRIM ID-IMMEDIATE SEALINGHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB3805La Shawn K. FordREVENUE-TECHHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB3912La Shawn K. FordCIVIL LAW-TECHHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB3920La Shawn K. FordVEH CD-UNPAID CIVIL PENALTYHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-10048/21/2018
HB4035La Shawn K. Ford$APPROP-CHICAGO PUBLIC SCHOOLHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4036La Shawn K. FordCHICAGO PUB SCH-FUND TRANSFERHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4038La Shawn K. FordCOMMEMORATIVE DATE-REENTRY DAYHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4051La Shawn K. FordINC TX-BUSINESS NON-RESIDENTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4059La Shawn K. FordCANNABIS CONTROL-POSSESSIONHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4087La Shawn K. FordABOLISH CONFEDERATE SYMBOL ACTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4089La Shawn K. FordSCH CD-TAX CREDIT COMMISSIONHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4111La Shawn K. FordUSE/OCC TX-SENIOR CITIZENSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4113La Shawn K. FordIMDMA-EQUAL PARENTING TIMEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4133La Shawn K. FordCD CORR-PRISON ASSIGNMENTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4139La Shawn K. FordEXPUNGEMENT ELIGIBILITYHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4152La Shawn K. FordDCEO-BUSINESS FUNDHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4161La Shawn K. FordPROP TX-VETERANS-WWIIHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4205La Shawn K. FordSCH CD-BEHAVIOR HEALTH SUPPORTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4276La Shawn K. FordINVEST IN KIDS-REGISTRATIONHTabled3/1/2018
HB4743La Shawn K. FordEQUAL PAY AFRICAN AMERICANSHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-114011/30/2018
HB4744La Shawn K. FordMUNI/EPA-LAKE MICHIGAN WATERHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5040La Shawn K. FordREVENUE-TECHHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5041La Shawn K. FordREVENUE-TECHHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5199La Shawn K. FordABANDONED REAL PROPERTY-TITLEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5200La Shawn K. FordDHS-IHDA-YOUTH-TRADE PROGRAMSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5201La Shawn K. FordMECHANICS LIEN DEMAND & REFERHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-10618/24/2018
HB5202La Shawn K. FordGOMB-BUDGET COMMISSIONHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-08188/13/2018
HB5227La Shawn K. FordELEC CD-ALL-MAIL ELECTIONSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5228La Shawn K. FordAFRICAN AMERICAN EMPLOY PLANHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5507La Shawn K. FordREGULATION-TECHHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5508La Shawn K. FordHOMELESS BILL OF RIGHTSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5509La Shawn K. FordIMDMA-EQUAL PARENTAL RIGHTSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5510La Shawn K. FordCURRENCY EXCHANGE-CHECKSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5512La Shawn K. FordCRIM ID-IMMEDIATE EXPUNGEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5671La Shawn K. Ford$IHDA-TRANSITIONAL HOUSINGHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5672La Shawn K. FordIHDA-TRANSITIONAL HOUSINGHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5813La Shawn K. FordHEALTH-TECHHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5867La Shawn K. FordCRIM ID-IMMEDIATE EXPUNGEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5868La Shawn K. FordRESIDENTIAL RECOVERY SERVICESHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-10658/24/2018
HB5869La Shawn K. FordLOTTERY-SCRATCH-OFF-ADULT EDHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5907La Shawn K. Ford$LINCOLN PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARYHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5932La Shawn K. FordNELSON MANDELA ROADHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5963La Shawn K. FordDHS-CHILD CARE-CO-PAYMENTSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5970La Shawn K. FordWALK-THROUGH METAL DETECTORSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5973La Shawn K. FordCRIM PRO-QUESTION W/O ARRESTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5974La Shawn K. FordCRIM ID-IMMEDIATE EXPUNGEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5979La Shawn K. FordVEH CD-PTSD AWARENESS SPECIALHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5984La Shawn K. FordELEC CD-PETITIONSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5989La Shawn K. FordDHS-CHILD CARE-RATE INCREASESHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5990La Shawn K. FordCRIM ID-SEALING ELIGIBILITYHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5998La Shawn K. FordPUBLISHING CRIMINAL RECORDSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HR5La Shawn K. FordLOW LEVEL DRUG OFFENDERSHResolution Adopted6/22/2017
HR6La Shawn K. FordCHICAGO POLICE-RESPONSE TIMEHResolution Adopted 079-005-0006/22/2017
HR7La Shawn K. FordREDEPLOY ILL-COOK COUNTYHResolution Adopted3/15/2017
HR8La Shawn K. FordRAIL FREIGHT FIREARM LAWSHResolution Adopted2/9/2017
HR9La Shawn K. FordBUY-LOVE-GIVE BLACK MONTHHResolution Adopted as Amended6/22/2017
HR10La Shawn K. FordCHILD CARE AWARENESS WEEKHResolution Adopted3/15/2017
HR11La Shawn K. FordURGE CHICAGO - NEW HIGH SCHOOLHResolution Adopted5/11/2017
HR12La Shawn K. FordHOMELESS STUDENT HOUSINGHResolution Adopted3/15/2017
HR13La Shawn K. FordASK YOUR BOSS FOR RAISE MONTHHResolution Adopted3/15/2017
HR14La Shawn K. FordPROHIBIT PARENTAL CYBER-BULLYHResolution Adopted as Amended3/15/2017
HR15La Shawn K. FordREPLICA GUN-CONGRESS REGULATEHResolution Adopted2/9/2017
HR18La Shawn K. FordVIOLENT CRIME-EMERGENCYHResolution Adopted2/9/2017
HR42La Shawn K. FordCOMMISSION-AFRICAN AM COMMUNTYHResolution Adopted3/15/2017
HR45La Shawn K. FordSTUDY REPARATIONS FOR SLAVERYHResolution Adopted as Amended6/26/2017
HR147La Shawn K. FordMEMORIAL - ROBERT E. COOKHResolution Adopted2/16/2017
HR173La Shawn K. FordCHICAGO EXPRESSWAY VIDEOHResolution Adopted5/16/2017
HR227La Shawn K. FordMEMORIAL - CAROLYN RUSHHResolution Adopted3/23/2017
HR335La Shawn K. FordMEMORIAL - JUDGE RAYMOND MYLESHResolution Adopted4/26/2017
HR361La Shawn K. FordCITIZENS REENTRY DAY ILLINOISHResolution Adopted6/25/2017
HR418La Shawn K. FordAUD GEN-DCFS ABUSE REPORTSHResolution Adopted as Amended 097-000-0006/25/2017
HR424La Shawn K. FordMEMORIAL - MARY ROTTERHResolution Adopted5/24/2017
HR592La Shawn K. FordHEROIN - STATE OF EMERGENCYHResolution Adopted10/26/2017
HR622La Shawn K. FordRECOGNIZE-DR. DAVID C. PENNHResolution Adopted10/24/2017
HR648La Shawn K. FordFIREARM AWARENESS TASK FORCEHResolution Adopted as Amended 088-024-0002/28/2018
HR702La Shawn K. FordIL SUPREME CT-TRAIN-RACIAL DISHResolution Adopted5/10/2018
HR735La Shawn K. FordREPLICA GUNS-REGULATIONSHResolution Adopted5/10/2018
HR816La Shawn K. FordAUDITOR GENERAL-CMS TESTINGHResolution Adopted 104-000-0005/10/2018
HR821La Shawn K. FordMEMORIAL-WALTER PILDITCHHResolution Adopted2/14/2018
HR857La Shawn K. FordRECOGNIZE-SLA SHOWMEN'S RESTHResolution Adopted2/27/2018
HR905La Shawn K. FordANNIV DR. KING ASSASSINATIONHResolution Adopted3/8/2018
HR922La Shawn K. FordCONGRATS-EDDIE GARCIAHResolution Adopted4/9/2018
HR923La Shawn K. FordRECOGNIZE-CULVER'S BERWYNHResolution Adopted4/9/2018
HR931La Shawn K. FordCONGRATS-REVEREND WILLIA BROWNHResolution Adopted4/9/2018
HR1007La Shawn K. FordRECOGNIZE-WOMEN OF ACHIEVEMENTHResolution Adopted4/23/2018
HR1070La Shawn K. FordISBE-BLACK HISTORY AUDITHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HR1098La Shawn K. FordBLACK HISTORY TASK FORCEHResolution Adopted as Amended 105-000-00011/29/2018
HR1125La Shawn K. FordRECOGNIZE-PROVIDENCE BAPTISTHResolution Adopted5/24/2018
HR1150La Shawn K. FordDEFINE RACE RIOTS AS HOLOCAUSTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HR1213La Shawn K. FordMEMORIAL-DAN BIGGHResolution Adopted11/13/2018
HR1234La Shawn K. FordCONGRATS-ST. LUKE MB CHURCHHResolution Adopted11/13/2018
HR1277La Shawn K. FordMEMORIAL-PHILLIP JACKSONHResolution Adopted11/13/2018
HJR36La Shawn K. FordI55-PRES. OBAMA EXPRESSWAYHAdopted Both Houses7/4/2017
HJR46La Shawn K. FordMUHAMMAD ALI ROADHAdopted Both Houses7/4/2017
HJR71La Shawn K. FordFINANCIAL CRISIS TASK FORCEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HJR73La Shawn K. FordGREYWATER RECLAMATION PLANHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HJR121La Shawn K. FordHARRIET TUBMAN MEMORIAL AVENUEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HJR126La Shawn K. FordCOMMISSION ON CIVIL RIGHTSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HJR132La Shawn K. FordTASK FORCE-PARENT RIGHTS STUDYHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HJRCA31La Shawn K. FordCON AMEND-FELON VOTINGHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
SB275Patricia Van PeltLAW ENFORCE GANG DATABASE INFOSSession Sine Die1/9/2019
SB776Chris NyboPREDATORY LENDING DATABASESPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-05099/15/2017
SB1739Kimberly A. LightfordHIGHER ED-MINORITY TEACHERSSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-02358/18/2017
SB1944Chris NyboHYPODERMIC SYRINGES-PHARMACIESSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-03268/24/2017
SB2376Napoleon Harris, IIICOOK WATER INFRASTRUCTURE FUNDSTotal Veto Stands11/29/2018
SB2433Jacqueline Y. CollinsCURRENCY EXCHANGE - CHECKSSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-07048/3/2018