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Representative Thomas Morrison (R), 54th District - 97th General Assembly
Thomas Morrison was a Sponsor on all bills listed below.
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
HB222Mark BatinickPROCUREMENT-SOY INK REPEALHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB291David S. OlsenPEN CD-IMRF-ELECTED OFFICIALSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB304Chad HaysCD CORR-MINOR DEATHHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB315Mark BatinickPEN CD-ACCEL BENEFIT PAYMENTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB320Scott DruryCD CORR-NONPROBATIONABLEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB338David McSweeneyPEN CD-GARS-G.A. MEMBER ELIGHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB340David McSweeneyCUT GA OFFICE ALLOWANCE BY 10%HSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB345David McSweeneyINC TX-DEDUCT MANUFACTURINGHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB347David McSweeneyCITIZENS EMPOWERMENT ACTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB348David McSweeneyCONSTITUTION AMEND PUBLICATIONHBill Dead - No Positive Action Taken - Amendatory Veto10/27/2017
HB350David McSweeneyPEN CD-FELONY FORFEITUREHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-03348/25/2017
HB353David McSweeneySCH CD-POST-RETIREMENT BONUSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB356David McSweeneyLLC REDUCE ARTICLES FILING FEEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB359Mark BatinickPROP TX-PTELLHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB363Allen SkillicornPEN CD-GARS-NO NEW GA MEMBERSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB436Jeanne M IvesPENCD-STATE SYS-TIER 3 PLANHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB437Jeanne M IvesPEN CD-TRS-END PENSION PICKUPHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB440Jeanne M IvesSCH CD-PHYSICAL EDUCATIONHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB441Jeanne M IvesPEN CD-LIMITS ON MEMBERSHIPHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB442Jeanne M IvesOPEN MEETINGS POSTING RECORDSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB443Jeanne M IvesSCH CD-TUITION VOUCHERSHTabled Pursuant to Rule 22(g)3/29/2017
HB444Jeanne M IvesINC TX-EDUCATION CREDITHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB447Jeanne M IvesLABOR AGREEMENT HEARINGSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB459Jeanne M IvesDEBT CONTROL-TAXPYR PROTECTIONHThird Reading - Short Debate - Lost 043-070-0004/27/2017
HB460David McSweeneyINC TX-CORPORATE INCOME TAXHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB511Peter BreenMUNI-NON HOME RULE POWERSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB532Peter BreenANATOMICAL GIFTS-FETAL TISSUEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB592Sam YinglingPROP TX-SENIOR OCCUPANTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB607Sam YinglingTRANSPORTATION-TECHHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-01068/14/2017
HB617Tony McCombieUSE/OCC-MOTOR FUEL-LOCAL GOVHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB661Thomas MorrisonVEH CD-ELECTRIC VEH-PLATE FEEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB662Thomas MorrisonVEH CD-ELECTRIC LICENSE FEEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB663Thomas MorrisonSCH CD-INSTRUCTIONAL MANDATESHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB664Thomas MorrisonSCH CD-PUPIL PHYSICAL PRIVACYHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB665Thomas MorrisonNEGLIGENT HIRING-LIMITATIONSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB666Thomas MorrisonCONCEALED CARRY-CK CTY FORESTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB667Thomas MorrisonALTERNATE FUELS ACT-REPEALHTabled Pursuant to Rule 22(g)3/30/2017
HB668Thomas MorrisonPEN CD-3&4-EXAMINATION OF FUNDHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB669Thomas MorrisonPENCD-LOCAL CONTRL OF BENEFITSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB670Thomas MorrisonSCH CD-DRIVER EDUCATIONHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB671Thomas MorrisonPEN CD-EMPLOYER CONTRIBUTIONSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB677Robyn GabelHOME BIRTH SAFETY ACTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB682David S. OlsenLOCAL INITIATIVE-DATABASEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB701Lou LangREGULATION-TECHHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB816Natalie A. ManleySEX OFFENDER REG-BATTERYHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB817Peter BreenGROUP INSUR-ADOPTION PLACEMENTHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-03558/25/2017
HB825Peter BreenCRIM CD-SUICIDE VIDEO DISTRIBHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB1773Peter BreenVEH CD-LICENSE-EXPIRATIONHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB1784Tim ButlerVEH CD-BICYCLES-MISCHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-03598/25/2017
HB1805Deb ConroyORGAN DONOR REGISTRY-AGE 16HPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-00418/8/2017
HB2362Thomas MorrisonPROP TX-SENIOR FREEZEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB2363Thomas MorrisonHGHWY CD-MOTOR FUEL TAX-PLANHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-04769/8/2017
HB2592Carol AmmonsFARMERS' MARKET ACTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB2691Brandon W. PhelpsTELECOMS-IP-BASED SERVICESHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB2894Tony McCombiePROP TX-SENIOR FREEZE INCOMEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB2939Peter BreenCAMPUS FREE SPEECHHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB2952Thomas MorrisonUTILITY-GAS MAIN EXT COSTSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB3013Steven ReickINC TX-EITC AND PROP TXHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB3069Thomas MorrisonPENCD-LOCAL CONTRL OF BENEFITSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB3175Nick SauerPEN CD-EMPLOYER CONTRIBUTIONSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB3257Barbara WheelerSCH CD-CHARTER SCH LIMITHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB3323Jeanne M IvesOPEN MEETINGS POSTING RECORDSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB3420Thomas MorrisonELEC CD-GA VACANCY ELECTIONHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB3707Sheri JesielPEN CD-GARS SELF-DIRECTED PLANHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB3729Martin J. MoylanPENCD-IMRF-MUNICIPAL OFFICIALSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB3755Scott DruryCONDOMINIUM ACT-ATTORNEY FEESHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB3865Thomas MorrisonSCH DIST CONSOLIDATION CMSNHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB3867Thomas MorrisonPENCD-DEFINED CONTRIBUTION PLNHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB3922Kelly M. BurkeMUNI-GREENHOUSE GAS TASK FORCEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4026Mark BatinickELECTED OFFICIAL- PAY DELAYHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4078David McSweeneyREPEAL/RESTORE VARIOUS-SB9HSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4080Keith R. WheelerTRO/INJUNCTION-DAMAGES-LOC GOVHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4082Michael P. McAuliffeCOUNTIES CD-BEVERAGE TAXHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4084Peter BreenLOCAL GOV-USE AND OCC TAXHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4091John M. CabelloILLINOIS TRUST ACT-REPEALHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4098Thomas MorrisonVEH CD-CHOOSE LIFE DECALHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4114Peter BreenNO TAXPAYER FUNDING ABORTIONHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4194Thomas M. BennettGA LEADER TERM LIMITSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4210Allen SkillicornABORTION-DOWN SYNDROMEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4229C.D. DavidsmeyerTAXPAYER FISCAL CHARTER ACTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4242David McSweeneyFOIA-HARASSMENT SETTLMENTSHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-10408/23/2018
HB4296Joe SosnowskiJUV CT-NEGLECTED MINORHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4401David B. ReisVEH CD-IN GOD WE TRUST PLATESHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4435Grant WehrliGOV ETHICS-REPRESENTATION CASEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4506Peter BreenSTALKING OFFENSESHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4510Nick SauerANIMALS-POLICE AND SERVICEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4586Tony McCombieCRIM CODE-AGG BAT-EMPLOYEESHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4727Thomas MorrisonUTILITY-GAS MAIN EXT COSTSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4728Thomas MorrisonPERSONNEL-FINDINGSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4729Jaime M. Andrade, Jr.VEH CD-FELONIES-STOLEN VEHICLEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4784Thomas MorrisonCRIM CD-1ST DEGREE MURDER-AGGHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4785Thomas MorrisonSNAP-FEDERAL ASSET LIMITSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4789Peter BreenSCH CD-ADMIN COST LIMITHThird Reading - Short Debate - Lost 020-066-0034/27/2018
HB4944Nick SauerVEH CD-VEH SAFETY TESTHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-06838/3/2018
HB5013Ryan SpainPEN CD-POLICE/FIRE INVESTMENTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5082Thomas MorrisonUTILITIES-NATURAL GAS REPORTSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5083Thomas MorrisonUTILITY-NATURAL GAS SUBSIDYHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5239Thomas MorrisonCRIM PRO-PROTECTIVE ORDERSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5488Thomas MorrisonPEN CD-3&4-EXAMINATION OF FUNDHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5914David McSweeneySCH CD-SEXUAL ASSAULT/ABUSEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5923Steven ReickSCH CD-SEX ABUSE-FAIL TO REPRTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5924Jim DurkinPROP TAX CODE-REPEALHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5934David McSweeney$ROAD FUND-INFRASTRUCTUREHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5956Mark BatinickSTATE BUDGET-GA MEMBER SALARYHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5957Steven ReickCOMM ON FISCAL RESPONSIBILITYHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HR47Jim DurkinHOUSE RULES-100TH G.A.HSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HR139Jeanne M IvesPROPERTY TASK FORCEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HR142Thomas MorrisonABORTION - NO TAXPAYER FUNDSHTabled5/15/2017
HR145Sheri JesielABORTION - NO TAXPAYER FUNDSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HR148David McSweeneyOPPOSE SUGAR TAXESHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HR346Natalie A. ManleyRECOGNIZE - RON ORENTHResolution Adopted4/27/2017
HR360Keith R. WheelerHOUSE - ADOPT BUDGET ESTIMATEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HR361La Shawn K. FordCITIZENS REENTRY DAY ILLINOISHResolution Adopted6/25/2017
HR452Jeanne M IvesRECOGNIZE-1ST DIVISION MUSEUMHResolution Adopted5/30/2017
HR567David McSweeneyCOOK COUNTY SUGAR TAX - REPEALHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HR766Charles MeierNO PER MILE DRIVING TAXHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HR783Barbara WheelerFORD/UAW SEXUAL HARASSMENTHResolution Adopted5/10/2018
HR808Norine K. HammondISBE-NO STORYTELLERSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HR865Keith R. WheelerON-CAMPUS SAFETYHResolution Adopted5/17/2018
HR975Jim DurkinGRADUATED INCOME TAX-OPPOSEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HR995Jim DurkinINDEPENDENT REDISTRICTINGHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HR1049Thomas MorrisonRECOGNIZE-CHRISTIAN LIBERTYHResolution Adopted5/8/2018
HR1050Thomas MorrisonALZHEIMER'S AWARENESS MONTHHResolution Adopted11/15/2018
HR1072Jeanne M IvesOPPOSE NEW STATE PROP TAXHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HJR9Grant WehrliAUDITOR GENERAL-REMOVALHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HJR32Robert MartwickUS CONST-ART V-APPLICATIONHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HJR49Keith R. WheelerFY18 HOUSE REVENUE ESTIMATESHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HJR50Keith R. WheelerFY18 HOUSE REVENUE ESTIMATESHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HJR51Keith R. WheelerFY18 HOUSE REVENUE ESTIMATESHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HJR69Jeanne M IvesPROPERTY TASK FORCEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HJR124Jim DurkinFY19 SENATE REVENUE ESTIMATESHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HJR135David McSweeneyFY19 BUDGET REVENUE ESTIMATESHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HJR141Steven ReickCOMMISSION ON FISCAL REFORMHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HJRCA6David McSweeneyCON AMEND-ABOLISH LT GOVERNORHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HJRCA8David McSweeneyCONAMEND-REVENUE BILLSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HJRCA16Mark BatinickCONAMEND-BALANCED BUDGETHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HJRCA30Thomas MorrisonCONAMEND-TABORHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HJRCA43Ryan SpainCON AMEND-REDISTRICTINGHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HJRCA46Peter BreenCON AMEND-REDISTRICTINGHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
SB1807Don HarmonMUNI-CONSTRUCT & DEMO DEBRISSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-03168/24/2017
SB2339Antonio MuñozVEHICLE/ESSENTIAL PART STOLENSSession Sine Die1/9/2019
SJR67Iris Y. MartinezHOME BIRTH CRISIS COMMITTEESSession Sine Die1/9/2019