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Representative Rita Mayfield (D), 60th District
Rita Mayfield is a Sponsor on all bills listed below.
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
HB4Rita MayfieldSCH CD-ELECTION DAY E-LEARNINGHAssigned to Elementary & Secondary Education: Administration, Licensing & Charter School2/23/2021
HB7Rita MayfieldSCH DISTRICT EFFICIENCY COMMHAssigned to Elementary & Secondary Education: Administration, Licensing & Charter School2/23/2021
HB8Rita MayfieldSCH CD-HOME ECONOMICS ELECTIVEHAssigned to Elementary & Secondary Education: School Curriculum & Policies Committee2/23/2021
HB48Rita MayfieldCONSUMER DEBT-CHILD SUPPORTHAssigned to Judiciary - Civil Committee2/23/2021
HB62Mary E. FlowersHEALTH CARE FOR ALLHAssigned to Health Care Availability & Accessibility Committee2/23/2021
HB76Mary E. FlowersPHARMACY-PRESCRIPTION LIMITSHAssigned to Health Care Licenses Committee2/23/2021
HB78Mary E. FlowersLEAD IN SCHOOLS REPORTINGHAssigned to Human Services Committee2/23/2021
HB86Mary E. FlowersCOERCED CONFESSION-INNOCENCEHAssigned to Judiciary - Criminal Committee2/23/2021
HB87Mary E. FlowersPRETRIAL DETENTION-INNOCENCEHAssigned to Judiciary - Criminal Committee2/23/2021
HB90Mary E. FlowersVEH CD-FINE WAIVERHAssigned to Transportation: Vehicles & Safety Committee2/23/2021
HB111Rita MayfieldJUV COURT-DELINQUENT MINORHAssigned to Judiciary - Criminal Committee2/23/2021
HB117Will GuzzardiSECURE CHOICE SAVINGS PROGRAMHAssigned to Personnel & Pensions Committee2/23/2021
HB118Will GuzzardiWAGE THEFT-DAMAGES AMOUNTHAssigned to Labor & Commerce Committee2/23/2021
HB121Will GuzzardiHUMAN RTS-WORK AUTHORIZATIONHAssigned to Immigration & Human Rights Committee2/23/2021
HB122Daniel DidechEARLY CANCELLATION FEES-DEATHHAssigned to Consumer Protection Committee2/23/2021
HB130La Shawn K. FordPROP TX-VETERANS-WWIIHAssigned to Revenue & Finance Committee2/23/2021
HB133Rita MayfieldJUVENILES-DELINQUENT MINORHAssigned to Judiciary - Criminal Committee2/23/2021
HB141La Shawn K. FordDHS-CHILD CARE-CO-PAYMENTSHAssigned to Child Care Accessibility & Early Childhood Education Committee2/23/2021
HB177La Shawn K. FordUNIVERSAL CHILD CARE PROGRAMHAssigned to Child Care Accessibility & Early Childhood Education Committee2/23/2021
HB179Rita MayfieldTAX INCREMENT FINANCE-VARIOUSHAssigned to Revenue & Finance Committee2/23/2021
HB181Mary E. FlowersCANNABIS-POSSESS NOT CRIMINALHAssigned to Judiciary - Criminal Committee2/23/2021
HB184Mary E. FlowersCD CORR-JOB TRAINING AND EDUCAHAssigned to Judiciary - Criminal Committee2/23/2021
HB187La Shawn K. FordCIRCUIT BREAKER PROGRAMHAssigned to Appropriations-Human Services Committee2/23/2021
HB228Rita MayfieldINS CD-DISCRIMINATION-FELONYHAssigned to Insurance Committee2/23/2021
HB231Elizabeth HernandezMUNI CD & COUNTY CD-POPULATIONHAssigned to Executive Committee2/23/2021
HB313Rita MayfieldPROP TX-SENIORS W/DISABILITIESHReferred to Rules Committee1/29/2021
HB548Rita MayfieldSCH CD-WAUKEGAN-FIN OVERSIGHTHReferred to Rules Committee2/8/2021
HB643Rita MayfieldATT'Y GEN-POLICE USE OF FORCEHReferred to Rules Committee2/8/2021
HB801Jennifer Gong-GershowitzINCOME TAX-EMPLOYMENT CREDITHReferred to Rules Committee2/10/2021
HB804Ann M. WilliamsCLEAN ENERGY JOBS ACTHReferred to Rules Committee2/10/2021
HB1821Rita MayfieldCD CORR-PAROLE REVIEWHReferred to Rules Committee2/17/2021
HB1831Rita MayfieldDETECTIVE-INJUNCTIVE RELIEFHReferred to Rules Committee2/17/2021
HB1832Rita Mayfield$ST BD ED-YOUTHBUILD ILLINOISHReferred to Rules Committee2/17/2021
HB1840Rita MayfieldIDOT-CONVEYANCE-NORTH CHICAGOHReferred to Rules Committee2/17/2021
HB2385Joyce MasonEPA-MONITORING-ETHYLENE OXIDEHReferred to Rules Committee2/17/2021
HB2412Rita MayfieldNOTICES-MINORITY GROUPSHReferred to Rules Committee2/17/2021
HB2418Rita MayfieldPUBLIC DEFENDER-APPOINTMENTHReferred to Rules Committee2/17/2021
HB2568Rita MayfieldPSEBA HLTH PLAN BARGAINEDHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB2704Greg Harris$FY22 DJJ OCEHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB2705Greg Harris$FY22 DOC OCEHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB2706Greg Harris$FY22 IL POWER OCEHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB2707Greg Harris$FY22 LABOR OCEHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB2708Greg Harris$FY22 DMA OCEHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB2709Greg Harris$FY22 DSP OCEHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB2710Greg Harris$FY22 IDOT OCEHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB2711Greg Harris$FY22 CDB OCEHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB2712Greg Harris$FY22 CJIA OCEHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB2713Greg Harris$FY22 SFA OCEHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB2714Greg Harris$FY22 WCC OCEHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB2715Greg Harris$FY22 LETSB OCEHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB2716Greg Harris$FY22 MPEA OCEHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB2717Greg Harris$FY22 PRIS REVIEW BD OCEHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB2718Greg Harris$FY22 IEMA OCEHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB2719Greg Harris$FY22 ST POLICE MERIT BD OCEHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB2720Greg Harris$FY22 OSFM OCEHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB3143Rita MayfieldUSE/OCC TAX-FIREARMSHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB3144Rita MayfieldLOST&STOLEN FIREARMS-PENALTYHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB3239Rita MayfieldUSE OF FORCE REPORTINGHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB3400Rita MayfieldSUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC WORKSHReferred to Rules Committee2/22/2021
HB3769Rita MayfieldSCH CD-TEACHING STANDARDSHReferred to Rules Committee2/22/2021
HB3811Rita MayfieldSTATE POLICE-FUND TRANSFERHReferred to Rules Committee2/22/2021
HB3887Rita MayfieldCD CORR-DEPT OMBUDSMANHReferred to Rules Committee2/22/2021
HB3890Rita MayfieldEMPLOYMENT-TECHHReferred to Rules Committee2/22/2021
HB3967Rita MayfieldCOMMUNITY REINVESTMENTHFiled with the Clerk by Rep. Rita Mayfield2/22/2021
HR12Kambium BucknerCONGRATS-REP. MARY FLOWERSHResolution Adopted1/14/2021
HR80Thaddeus JonesCONGRATS-BOBBIE DREWHResolution Adopted2/10/2021