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Representative Thomas M. Bennett (R), 106th District
Thomas M. Bennett is a Sponsor on all bills listed below.
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
HB36Katie StuartVEH CD-TRAILER WEIGHT TAXHAssigned to Revenue & Finance Committee2/23/2021
HB59Tim ButlerREDISTRICTING-COMMISSIONHAssigned to Executive Committee2/23/2021
HB119Will GuzzardiPRESCRIPTION DRUG REPOSITORYHAssigned to Human Services Committee2/23/2021
HB165Thomas M. BennettCARBON CAPTURE TASK FORCEHAssigned to Energy & Environment Committee2/23/2021
HB166Thomas M. BennettCARBON DIOXIDE STORAGEHAssigned to Energy & Environment Committee2/23/2021
HB210Joe SosnowskiIEMA-DISASTER PROCLAMATIONHAssigned to Executive Committee2/23/2021
HB262Thomas M. BennettDHS-LINK CARD-PHOTO IDHAssigned to Human Services Committee2/23/2021
HB263Thomas M. BennettPROBATE-TEMPORARY GUARDIANHAssigned to Judiciary - Civil Committee2/23/2021
HB264Thomas M. BennettCIV PRO-VENUE; TORT LIABILITYHAssigned to Judiciary - Civil Committee2/23/2021
HB265Thomas M. BennettPUB AID-TANF-DRUG SCREENINGHAssigned to Human Services Committee2/23/2021
HB266Thomas M. BennettPROBATE-GUARDIAN-DECISIONSHAssigned to Judiciary - Civil Committee2/23/2021
HB285Thomas M. BennettCOMM DATE-ATOMIC VETERANS DAYHAssigned to State Government Administration Committee2/23/2021
HB334Charles MeierWILDLIFE-LAND PERMIT-RESIDENCYHReferred to Rules Committee1/29/2021
HB336Thomas M. BennettESTATE TAX-EXCLUSION AMOUNTHReferred to Rules Committee1/29/2021
HB338Mark BatinickSTATUTES-BORN ALIVE INFANTHReferred to Rules Committee1/29/2021
HB393Martin J. MoylanINC TX-SOUNDPROOFINGHReferred to Rules Committee2/8/2021
HB423Jonathan CarrollUTILITIES-DISCLOSURESHReferred to Rules Committee2/8/2021
HB430Michael T. MarronPROP TX-VETERANSHReferred to Rules Committee2/8/2021
HB435Mark L. WalkerEDGE-TRANSFER CREDITHReferred to Rules Committee2/8/2021
HB559Jim DurkinBIPA-PROCEDURE-LIMIT DAMAGESHReferred to Rules Committee2/8/2021
HB560Jim DurkinBIPA-VIOLATIONHReferred to Rules Committee2/8/2021
HB597Michael T. MarronSCH CD-STUDENT ID INFO-SUICIDEHReferred to Rules Committee2/8/2021
HB638Lance YednockSTATE POLICE-FUND LOCKBOXHReferred to Rules Committee2/8/2021
HB642Anthony DeLucaGA LEADER TERM LIMITSHReferred to Rules Committee2/8/2021
HB654Thomas M. BennettSTATE CAPITOL BUILDING STATUESHReferred to Rules Committee2/8/2021
HB655Thomas M. BennettSCH CD-TEACHER LICENSURE TESTHReferred to Rules Committee2/8/2021
HB656Thomas M. BennettVEH CD-MOTORCYCLE PASSENGERSHReferred to Rules Committee2/8/2021
HB657Thomas M. BennettAIR FORCE COMBAT ACTION MEDALHReferred to Rules Committee2/8/2021
HB687Jonathan CarrollVEH CD-ONE LICENSE PLATEHReferred to Rules Committee2/8/2021
HB711Greg HarrisPRIOR AUTHORIZATION REFORM ACTHReferred to Rules Committee2/8/2021
HB719Thomas M. BennettETHICS-GA MEMBER LOBBYINGHReferred to Rules Committee2/8/2021
HB782Patrick WindhorstCRIM CD-FIREARM-WAITING PERIODHReferred to Rules Committee2/10/2021
HB834Thomas M. BennettINC TX-INTERNSHIP CREDITHReferred to Rules Committee2/10/2021
HB1770Andrew S. ChesneyFIREARM OWNERS ID ACT-REPEALHReferred to Rules Committee2/17/2021
HB1896Thomas M. BennettVEH CD-ONE LICENSE PLATEHReferred to Rules Committee2/17/2021
HB1897Thomas M. BennettINC TX-VOLUNTEER FIRE-EMSHReferred to Rules Committee2/17/2021
HB1898Thomas M. BennettVEH CD-TRAILER WEIGHT TAXHReferred to Rules Committee2/17/2021
HB1906Deanne M. MazzochiSCH CD-UNFUNDED MANDATESHReferred to Rules Committee2/17/2021
HB1922Ryan SpainUSE/OCC-TRADE-IN VALUEHReferred to Rules Committee2/17/2021
HB1929Tony McCombieVEH CD-PERMANENT TRAILER PLATEHReferred to Rules Committee2/17/2021
HB1934Tony McCombieSCH CD-FIN AUDIT-CASH BASISHReferred to Rules Committee2/17/2021
HB2380Lawrence Walsh, Jr.UTILITIES REPEAL EXTENSIONHReferred to Rules Committee2/17/2021
HB2462Deanne M. MazzochiELEC CODE-DECEASED VOTERHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB2531Thomas M. BennettCORRECTIONAL OFFICERS-FIREARMSHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB2532Thomas M. BennettFOID&CONCEALED CARRY-LIFETIMEHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB2533Thomas M. BennettSTATUTE OF LIMITATIONS-PERJURYHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB2534Thomas M. BennettPROP TX-LAND BANK OPERATIONSHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB2535Thomas M. BennettCONCEALED CARRY-RECIPROCITYHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB2536Thomas M. BennettNON-HIGHWAY VEH-55 MPHHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB2605Thomas M. BennettELECTIONS VOTER PHOTO IDHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB3006Thomas M. BennettFOID&CCL-ONE CARDHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB3294Keith R. WheelerROTA-MARKETPLACEHReferred to Rules Committee2/19/2021
HB3351Thomas M. BennettSTATE CAPITOL BUILDING STATUESHReferred to Rules Committee2/22/2021
HB3573Thomas M. BennettSCH CD-REMOTE LEARNING DAYHReferred to Rules Committee2/22/2021
HB3636Thomas M. BennettUSE/OCC-TRADE-IN VALUEHReferred to Rules Committee2/22/2021
HB3637Thomas M. BennettSCHOOL CONSTRUCTION GRANTSHReferred to Rules Committee2/22/2021
HB3642Thomas M. BennettCRIM PRO-BAIL&PRETRIAL RELHReferred to Rules Committee2/22/2021
HB3643Thomas M. BennettPOLICE TRAINING-BACK THE BADGEHReferred to Rules Committee2/22/2021
HB3747Thomas M. BennettPOLICE TRAINING-ILETSBHReferred to Rules Committee2/22/2021
HB3927Thomas M. BennettINC TX-BEER&WINE MAKING CREDHReferred to Rules Committee2/22/2021
HB3928Thomas M. BennettCONSERVATION TASK FORCEHReferred to Rules Committee2/22/2021
HB3931Tony McCombieELECTRONIC FOID CARDSHReferred to Rules Committee2/22/2021
HR10Anthony DeLucaMANAGING ROBOCALLS & SPOOFINGHReferred to Rules Committee1/14/2021
HR14Jeff KeicherSCHOOL REPORTING-REVIEWHReferred to Rules Committee2/10/2021
HR15Thomas M. BennettHOUSE RULES-AMENDHReferred to Rules Committee2/10/2021
HR45Thomas M. BennettCOMMENDS-JACOB RENDLEMANHResolution Adopted2/10/2021
HR47Thomas M. BennettHOUSE RULES-AMENDHReferred to Rules Committee2/10/2021
HR59Jim DurkinCOMMEND-WAYNE PADGETHResolution Adopted2/10/2021
HR66Thomas M. BennettMARVIN PERZEE COUNTY FAIR DAYHReferred to Rules Committee2/10/2021
HR101Thomas M. BennettURGES REDOUBLING CONSERVATIONHFiled with the Clerk by Rep. Thomas M. Bennett2/17/2021
HR111Thomas M. BennettMEMORIAL-BILL ZEMANHFiled with the Clerk by Rep. Thomas M. Bennett2/19/2021
HJR12Thomas M. BennettCARBON CAPTURE TASK FORCEHReferred to Rules Committee2/10/2021
HJRCA4Mark BatinickCONAMEND-RECALL OFFICIALSHReferred to Rules Committee1/29/2021
HJRCA5Mark BatinickCON AMEND-CITIZEN INITIATIVEHReferred to Rules Committee2/8/2021
HJRCA11Thomas M. BennettCON AMEND-GA-OFFICER LIMITSHReferred to Rules Committee2/22/2021