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Illinois General Assembly

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Representative Monique D. Davis (D), 27th District
102nd General Assembly
Committee Code Chairman Members
Appropriations-General Service HAPG Monique D. Davis (D)Members
Appropriations-Higher Education HAPI David E. Miller (D)Members
Committee of the Whole HCWL Gary Hannig (D)Members
Disparities in Educational AchievemHDEA Paul D. Froehlich (D)Members
Elementary & Secondary Education HELM Michael K. Smith (D)Members
Financial Institutions HFIN Mike Boland (D)Members
Gaming HGAM Lou Lang (D)Members
Juvenile Justice Reform HJJR Annazette Collins (D)Members
Public Utilities HPUB Annazette Collins (D)Members
Special Investigative Committee HSIC Barbara Flynn Currie (D)Members
State Government Administration HSGA Jack D. Franks (D)Members