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Illinois General Assembly

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Representative Sidney H. Mathias (R), 53rd District
93rd General Assembly
Committee Code Chairman Members
Aging HAGI Jack McGuire (D)Members
Airports, Subcomittee on HTRN-AIRP Robert S. Molaro (D)Members
Appropriations-Public Safety HAPP Charles G. Morrow, III (D)Members
Financial Institutions HFIN Joseph M. Lyons (D)Members
IL State Toll Highway Authority TOLL Kevin A. McCarthy (D)Members
Judiciary I - Civil Law HJUA John A. Fritchey (D)Members
Local Government HLGV Harry Osterman (D)Members
Mass Transit for Northeastern IL SMTN Julie Hamos (D)Members
Transportation & Motor Vehicles HTRN Jay C. Hoffman (D)Members
Whole, Committee of the HCWL Gary Hannig (D)Members