Illinois General Assembly - Representative Committees
Illinois General Assembly

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Representative James H. Meyer (R), 48th District
93rd General Assembly
Committee Code Chairman Members
Air Quality, Subcommittee on HENE-AIRQ Thomas Holbrook (D)Members
Electric Deregulation, SubcommitteeHENE-ELEC Thomas Holbrook (D)Members
Environment and Energy HENE Thomas Holbrook (D)Members
Financial Institutions HFIN Joseph M. Lyons (D)Members
IL State Toll Highway Authority TOLL Kevin A. McCarthy (D)Members
Land and Solid Waste, Subcom HENE-LAND Thomas Holbrook (D)Members
Local Government HLGV Harry Osterman (D)Members
Public Utilities HPUB Members
Veterans Affairs HVET Michael P. McAuliffe (R)Members
Water Quality & Quantity, Subcom HENE-WATR Thomas Holbrook (D)Members
Whole, Committee of the HCWL Gary Hannig (D)Members