Illinois General Assembly - Representative Committees
Illinois General Assembly

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Representative Sidney H. Mathias (R), 53rd District
Committee Code Chairman Members Current Bills
Adoption Reform, Special Committee ADPT Sara Feigenholtz (D)MembersBills
Committee of the Whole HCWL Gary Hannig (D)MembersBills
Health Care Availability Access HHCA Mary E. Flowers (D)MembersBills
Judiciary I - Civil Law HJUA John A. Fritchey (D)MembersBills
Local Government HLGV Harry Osterman (D)MembersBills
Mass Transit HMAS Julie Hamos (D)MembersBills
Railroads, Subcommittee on HTRN-RAIL Elaine Nekritz (D)MembersBills
Transit Management and Performance HMAS-TMAP Julie Hamos (D)MembersBills
Transportation & Motor Vehicles HTRN Jay C. Hoffman (D)MembersBills