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2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives wish to congratulate the members of the
4Washington Community High School wrestling team on their
5unbelievably successful 2017-2018 season; and
6    WHEREAS, The team brought home the fourth consecutive state
7wrestling trophy in Washington Community High School history
8with their 3rd team state championship at the Class 2A state
9meet; and
10    WHEREAS, The team had nine Class 2A state qualifiers and
11placers from Washington Community High School, including one
12state champion; and
13    WHEREAS, Abe Hinrichsen, a freshman, was 2nd place at 106
14lbs.; Joey Cape, a freshman, was 2nd place at 113 lbs.; Zeke
15Hulet, a sophomore, was 5th place at 120 lbs.; Tyler Delaware,
16a senior, was 2nd place at 132 lbs.; Blaize Punke, a senior,
17was 3rd place at 145 lbs.; Dalton Jensen, a senior, was 3rd
18place at 152 lbs.; Jared Head, a junior, was 2nd place at 160
19lbs.; Garett Rich, a senior, was 4th place at 170 lbs.; and
20Jace Punke, a junior, was a state champion at 285 lbs.; and
21    WHEREAS, The Dual Team completed their season with a record



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1of 27 and 4 and qualified for the Dual Team Tournament by
2winning the Class 2A Metamora Regional; and
3    WHEREAS, The Dual Team had an impressive list of
4accomplishments during their Dual Team Illinois High School
5Association State Series: they defeated LaSalle-Peru in the
6sectional 54 to 15, Woodstock (Marian) in the quarter-finals 42
7to 25, Chicago (St. Rita) in the semifinals 59 to 9, and
8Cahokia in the finals 59 to 12; and
9    WHEREAS, The team also won the Sycamore Invitational, the
10Mid-Illini Conference Championship for the 9th consecutive
11year, extending their Mid-Illini record, and were regional
12champions for eight out of nine years; and
13    WHEREAS, The members of the Dual Team state roster include
14Steven Apgar, Blake Barry, Caleb Bradle, Joey Cape, Dylan
15Cooper, Tyler Delaware, Jaxon Ellis, Justin Fernald, Jared
16Head, Abe Hinrichsen, Zeke Hulet, Hayden Jackson, Dalton
17Jensen, Kennedy Koehl, Hunter Mamer, Chaz Mercer, Brody Norman,
18Blaize Punke, Jack Punke, Garett Rich, Gabe Robison, and Alex
19Zimmerman; and
20    WHEREAS, Nick Miller is the team's head coach; the team's
21assistant coaches include Brandon Rice, Doug McClister, Matt
22Webster, and Mike Carr; and



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1    WHEREAS, The members of the Washington Community High
2School wrestling team serve as models of hard work, integrity,
3and dedication for the people of the State of Illinois;
4therefore, be it
7congratulate the members of the Washington Community High
8School wrestling team on their unbelievably successful
92017-2018 season, and we wish them continued success and
10happiness in the future; and be it further
11    RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
12presented to the Washington Community High School wrestling
13team and their coaches as a symbol of our esteem and respect.