Sen. Kimberly A. Lightford

Filed: 5/23/2017





10000SB0704sam001LRB100 08210 MLM 26813 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 704 as follows:
3on page 2, line 8, after "grants", by inserting "on an annual
4basis"; and
5on page 2, by replacing lines 19 and 20 with the following:
6"resolution techniques and other disciplinary alternatives.
7For purposes of this subsection (b), "promising practices"
8means practices that present, based on preliminary
9information, potential for becoming evidence-based practices.
10    To apply for a grant under the program, school districts
11shall"; and
12on page 3, line 10, after "Education", by inserting ", subject
13to appropriation of the grant program,"; and



10000SB0704sam001- 2 -LRB100 08210 MLM 26813 a

1on page 3, by replacing lines 13 through 19 with the following:
2"State Board of Education in awarding the funds shall be (i)
3the arrest rates in the target schools over the preceding 3
4years, which shall be calculated as the number of arrests
5divided by the number of students; (ii) the ratio of
6school-based law enforcement personnel to students in the
7target schools over the preceding 3 years; and (iii) the degree
8to which the proposal articulates a strong, comprehensive
9approach for eliminating unnecessary school-based arrests and
10the over-reliance on school-based law enforcement to address
11school disciplinary matters while building safer and healthier
12learning environments.
13    For factor (i), applicant school districts shall be ranked
14from highest arrest rates to lowest, with higher arrest rates
15receiving priority. For factor (ii), applicant school
16districts shall be ranked from the highest ratio of
17school-based law enforcement to students to the lowest ratio,
18with the higher ratios receiving priority. For factor (iii),
19applicant school districts shall be ranked on the basis of the
20strength of their overall strategy, with all school districts
21that fail to articulate a sound approach being excluded from
22consideration. The State Board of Education shall determine a
23scoring system for each factor based on the relative ranking of
24the applicant school districts. Applicant school districts'
25overall cumulative scores shall be based on the following



10000SB0704sam001- 3 -LRB100 08210 MLM 26813 a

1weights: factor (i): 40%; factor (ii): 20%; and factor (iii):
240%. If the appropriated funds are insufficient to provide
3matching funds to all selected grantees, the funds shall be
4awarded to the qualified applicant school districts on a
5proportionate basis, based on the number of students within the
6school districts to be affected by the grants, unless the
7resulting allocation to qualified applicants would be less than
825% of some or all school districts' proposed reallocation
9amounts. In that event, funds shall be awarded on a
10proportionate basis to school districts in the order of their
11respective scores, with the highest-scoring school district
12receiving top priority, up until the point at which the
13resulting allocations would be less than 25% of some or all
14selected school districts' proposed reallocation amounts. If
15the appropriated funds exceed what is required to provide
16dollar-for-dollar matching funds to all qualified applicants,
17the surplus shall be rolled over to be used for grants the
18following year."; and
19on page 3, by replacing lines 20 through 23 with the following:
20    "(d) The State Board of Education, subject to appropriation
21to the grant program, in cooperation with the school districts
22participating in the program, shall produce an annual report on
23the results of the program, including both quantitative and
24qualitative information on the progress being made in



10000SB0704sam001- 4 -LRB100 08210 MLM 26813 a

1reducing"; and
2on page 4, line 1, after "climate.", by inserting "The report
3shall include the number of school-based arrests made within
4each participating school district during the school year prior
5to the grant compared to the number of school-based arrests
6made during the school year the grant was awarded. This report
7shall be posted on the State Board of Education's website by
8October 31st of each year, beginning in 2018."; and
9on page 4, line 2, by replacing "shall" with "may"
10on page 13, line 14, by deleting ", in school vehicles,"; and
11on page 13, line 15, after "events", by inserting "while on
12school grounds"; and
13on page 13, by replacing lines 24 through 26 with the
15        "(3) the offense involved a firearm, as defined in
16    subdivision (1) of subsection (d) of this Section;
17        (4) the offense involves a weapon listed in subdivision
18    (2) of subsection (d) of this Section, when there is
19    probable cause that the student intended to harm another
20    member of the school community with the weapon; or
21        (5) the offense involved a violation of Section 11-1.50



10000SB0704sam001- 5 -LRB100 08210 MLM 26813 a

1    of the Criminal Code of 2012 or a violation of Section 5.2
2    of the Cannabis Control Act."; and
3on page 14, line 1, by replacing "use justice-system
4interventions" with "arrest or otherwise cite students for a
5criminal offense"; and
6on page 14, line 14, by replacing "they" with "it"; and
7on page 14, line 7, by replacing "(4)" with "(5)"; and
8on page 14, line 13, after "jurisdiction.", by inserting "In
9the event of a violent or dangerous situation on school
10grounds, nothing in this subsection (i-5) shall limit the
11authority of law enforcement personnel to temporarily detain
12students in order to investigate or de-escalate the situation.
13Such detention shall not constitute an arrest. The detention of
14students for these purposes shall be limited to situations in
15which there is imminent danger of serious physical harm to a
16member of the school community, and the duration of the
17detention shall be limited to the greatest extent