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2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois Senate are saddened to
3learn of the death of Joan Wittman of Godfrey, who passed away
4on March 5, 2017; and
5    WHEREAS, Joan Wittman was born to Leona and Alfred Beck on
6May 30, 1934; she graduated from Marquette Catholic High School
7in 1952 and married John Wittman in 1954; and
8    WHEREAS, Joan Wittman worked in the business office of a
9local Cadillac dealer and the insurance department at St.
10Joseph's Hospital; in 1955, she and her husband started a
11television rental business serving the three Alton-area
12hospitals; she worked 23 years as the "Television Lady" and
13worked daily except on Christmas; and
14    WHEREAS, Joan Wittman and her husband bought the family
15farm, which had been in the family since 1873, and moved there
16in the summer of 1964; she worked alongside her husband in the
17farming operation and became the manager of a hog confinement
18operation from 1978 to 1991; and
19    WHEREAS, Joan Wittman enjoyed going shopping and to
20auctions; she managed a large garden and enjoyed canning the
21produce; she was a 4-H leader and helped with Girl Scouts for



SR0317- 2 -LRB100 11842 MST 23257 r

1many years; she was President of the Tri-County Antique
2Auxiliary Club for several years; she and her husband made
3homemade lemon shake-up drinks at many local events for more
4than 20 years; they enjoyed going to the summertime Muny opera
5in Forest Park, St. Louis, Missouri, where they were season
6ticket holders for 35 years from 1979 to 2015; and
7    WHEREAS, Joan Wittman was active in St. Mary's Catholic
8Church and served as a Eucharistic minister from 1988 to 2008;
9her ministry also served the Eunice Smith Nursing Home, Skyline
10Tower, the Four Fountains Nursing Home, and Hillcrest Assisted
11Living; she made home visits with Holy Communion and was the
12Chairperson for funeral lunches from 1998 to 2008, managing
13food donations and preparing food for bereaved families
14following their funeral services; and
15    WHEREAS, Joan Wittman is survived by her husband of 62
16years, John; her daughters, Joan (Robert) Clark, Patricia
17(Roger) Dettenmeier, Marcia (Frank) Klunk, and Theresa
18(Andrew) Gratton; and her grandchildren, David Dettenmeier,
19Robert Clark III, Nicholas (Colleen) Dettenmeier, Matthew
20(Julie, fiancee), Dettenmeier, Katherine Clark, Adam
21Dettenmeier, Frank Klunk Jr., Jonathan Klunk, Sarah Gratton,
22and Lucas Gratton; therefore, be it



SR0317- 3 -LRB100 11842 MST 23257 r

1ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we mourn the passing of
2Joan Wittman, and extend our sincere condolences to her family,
3friends, and all who knew and loved her; and be it further
4    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
5presented to the family of Joan Wittman as an expression of our
6deepest sympathy.