SR1293LRB100 17276 MST 32437 r


2    WHEREAS, There are 230,000 diagnosed kidney disease
3patients in Illinois and approximately 26 million kidney
4disease patients nationwide; 96% of them do not know they have
5kidney disease; and
6    WHEREAS, Five of every six patients on the organ transplant
7waiting list are seeking a kidney transplant, which translates
8to 83%; and
9    WHEREAS, Each year, approximately 150 Illinoisans will die
10waiting for a kidney transplant and approximately 4,500
11nationwide will die while waiting; approximately 170
12Illinoisans are removed from the organ transplant waiting list
13every year due to advanced illness caused by the
14life-threatening wait for a kidney; and
15    WHEREAS, Approximately 700 Illinoisans will receive a
16kidney transplant in a year and more than 1,200 new names are
17added to the list each year; and
18    WHEREAS, Living kidney donation can end this
19life-threatening wait and help more patients receive a
20transplant; the majority of those who donate are pleased with
21their decision and go on to live full, healthy, and vibrant



SR1293- 2 -LRB100 17276 MST 32437 r

1lives; and
2    WHEREAS, Living kidney donation is currently the best and
3most cost-effective treatment for end stage renal failure; a
4kidney donation by a living donor as opposed to a deceased
5donor lasts significantly longer, vastly improving the
6patient's quality of life; and
7    WHEREAS, Living kidney donors have successfully improved
8outcomes for more than 150,000 kidney transplant recipients;
9more than 6,800 of whom received transplants in Illinois; and
10    WHEREAS, The State of Illinois and the National Kidney
11Foundation of Illinois are committed to increasing awareness by
12recognizing living kidney donors who give kidney disease
13patients hope for a better tomorrow; therefore, be it
15ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we recognize the
16citizens of Illinois who have selflessly donated a kidney and
17saved a life as a living kidney donor; and be it further
18    RESOLVED, That we recognize the commitment of the National
19Kidney Foundation of Illinois and their support of our kidney
20disease patients' hope for a better and longer life; and be it



SR1293- 3 -LRB100 17276 MST 32437 r

1    RESOLVED, That we declare June 25, 2018 as "Living Kidney
2Donors Day" in the State of Illinois; and be it further
3    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
4presented to the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois.