Rep. Maurice A. West, II

Filed: 3/14/2019





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 2768 on page 1, by
3replacing line 7 with the following:
4    "Sec. 2WWW. Extension of credit; disclosure.
5    (a) A business or"; and
6on page 1, by replacing line 14 with the following:
7"of the credit extended.
8    (b) This Section does not apply to any person, partnership,
9association, limited liability company, or corporation doing
10business under, and as permitted by, any law of this State or
11of the United States relating to banks, savings and loan
12associations, savings banks, or credit unions or to licensees
13under the Residential Mortgage License Act for residential
14mortgage loans made pursuant to that Act or to licensees under
15the Consumer Installment Loan Act or to licensees under the
16Sales Finance Agency Act.
17    (c) A violation of this Section constitutes".