HR0970LRB101 23472 JWD 74846 r


4the Rules of the House of Representatives of the One Hundred
5First General Assembly are amended by changing Rule 1 follows:
6    (House Rule 1)
7    1. Election of the Parliamentarian and Speaker.
8    (a) At the first meeting of the House of each General
9Assembly, the Secretary of State shall convene the House at
1012:00 noon, designate a Temporary Clerk of the House, and
11preside during the nomination and election of the
12Parliamentarian and Speaker. As the first item of business each
13day before the election of the Parliamentarian and Speaker, the
14Secretary of State shall order the Temporary Clerk to call the
15roll of the members to establish the presence of a quorum as
16required by the Constitution. If a majority of those elected
17are not present, the House shall stand adjourned until the next
18calendar day, excepting weekends, at the hour prescribed in
19Rule 29. If a quorum of members elected is present, the
20Secretary of State shall then call for nominations of members
21for the position of Parliamentarian and the Office of Speaker.
22Nominations and the election for Parliamentarian shall occur
23before the election of the Speaker. The House shall not proceed



HR0970- 2 -LRB101 23472 JWD 74846 r

1to the election of a Speaker until a Parliamentarian has been
2elected. All nominations require a second. When the nominations
3are completed, the Secretary of State shall direct the
4Temporary Clerk to call the roll of the members to elect the
5Parliamentarian and Speaker.
6    (a-5) The election of the Parliamentarian requires the
7affirmative vote of a majority of those elected, with at least
810 votes in favor coming from members of the majority caucus
9and at least 10 votes in favor coming from the minority caucus.
10Debate is not in order following nominations and preceding or
11during the vote. If the Parliamentarian is selected under this
12subsection, the Parliamentarian may be retained continuously
13until a Speaker is elected pursuant to this Rule. The
14Parliamentarian shall serve as an advisor for the Secretary of
15State and the members of the House. The provisions in the
16subsection may not suspended.
17    (b) The election of the Speaker requires the affirmative
18vote of a majority of those elected. Debate is not in order
19following nominations and preceding or during the vote.
20    (c) No legislative measure may be considered and no
21committees may be appointed or meet before the election of the
23    (d) When a vacancy in the Office of Speaker occurs, the
24foregoing procedure shall be employed to elect a new Speaker;
25when the Secretary of State is of a political party other than
26that of the majority caucus, however, the Majority Leader shall



HR0970- 3 -LRB101 23472 JWD 74846 r

1preside during the nomination and election of the successor
2Speaker. No legislative measures, other than for the nomination
3and election of a successor Speaker, may be considered by the
4House during a vacancy in the Office of Speaker.
5(Source: H.R. 59, 101st G.A.)