Rep. Jay Hoffman

Filed: 5/23/2019





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 1236, AS AMENDED,
3with reference to page and line numbers of House Amendment No.
41, page 3, by replacing lines 9 and 10 as follows:
5    "Sec. 4-10005. County board salaries.
6    (a) Notwithstanding Section 4-10001, a member of a county
7board shall not receive"; and
8on page 3, immediately below line 21, by inserting the
10    "(b) This Section does not apply to a county that has
11adopted an ordinance or resolution effective prior to January
121, 2019 that reduces compensation of elected county officials
13who are receiving pension benefits from the Illinois Municipal
14Retirement Fund under Article 7 of the Illinois Pension Code
15for their service as elected officials of that county to an



10100SB1236ham003- 2 -LRB101 07184 AWJ 61030 a

1amount less than other elected county officials who are not
2receiving such pension benefits for their service as elected