Sen. Terry Link

Filed: 4/4/2019





10100SB1240sam001LRB101 08782 HLH 59198 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 1240 by replacing
3everything from line 20 on page 6 through line 5 on page 7 with
4the following:
5        "(2) At least 5% of the remaining 50% of the funds
6    shall be used for education programs to reduce
7    contamination and increase participation in recycling and
8    composting programs. The remainder of the funds available
9    under this item (2) shall be used for:
10            (A) programs to increase the collection and
11        recycling or composting of auxiliary containers;
12            (B) programs or grants to encourage infrastructure
13        development for and market development or recycling
14        and composting; or
15            (C) the implementation of solid waste management
16        plans developed pursuant to the Solid Waste Planning
17        and Recycling Act.".