Rep. Deb Conroy

Filed: 2/24/2022





10200HB4676ham001LRB102 23708 NLB 36790 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 4676 as follows:
3on page 2, line 10, after "services", by inserting "through
4the provision of screening, preparation, and scholarships
5authorized by this Act"; and
6on page 3, by deleting lines 19 and 20; and
7by replacing line 24 on page 3 though line 7 on page 4 with the
9    ""Institution of higher education" means any college,
10university, or other postsecondary degree granting institution
11that is approved to participate in any program conducted by
12the Commission."; and
13on page 4, by deleting lines 8 through 22; and



10200HB4676ham001- 2 -LRB102 23708 NLB 36790 a

1on page 5, by replacing lines 11 through 13 with the following:
2    "(a) Subject to appropriation, a returning resident shall
3be entitled to enroll in academic programs at an institution
4of higher education that are intended to culminate in the";
6by replacing line 18 on page 5 though line 2 on page 6 with the
8    "(b) Each returning resident who applies to an institution
9of higher education pursuant to this Act shall be required to
10meet the standards of admission set by that institution of
11higher education."; and
12on page 6, line 13, after "tuition,", by inserting
13"mandatory"; and
14on page 6, line 13, after "for", by inserting "the total cost
15of the returning resident's enrollment in"; and
16on page 6, line 16, after "tuition,", by inserting
17"mandatory"; and
18on page 7, line 14, immediately after "Act;", by deleting
19"and"; and
20on page 7, line 18, after "and", by inserting "(C) engage in



10200HB4676ham001- 3 -LRB102 23708 NLB 36790 a

1outreach and promotional activities that publicize the
2scholarship program and other services described in this Act
3and recruit returning residents to participate in the program
4and services; and"; and
5on page 8, line 3, by replacing "6 months of" with "one year
6after"; and
7on page 14, line 9, after "Commission", by inserting "who is
8involved in the implementation or administration of the powers
9and duties exercised by the Commission pursuant to this Act";
11on page 14, lines 18 through 20, by replacing "take all actions
12necessary to obtain such compliance and otherwise enforce the
13provisions of this Act" with "receive complaints alleging
14noncompliance with the provisions of this Act and to refer
15those complaints to the Attorney General or the State's
16Attorney for the county in which the alleged violator resides.
17The Attorney General and the State's Attorney are authorized
18to take such actions as the Attorney General or State's
19Attorney deems necessary to obtain compliance and otherwise
20enforce the provisions of this Act"; and
21on page 15, after line 20, by inserting the following:
22        "(4) An institution of higher education is not liable



10200HB4676ham001- 4 -LRB102 23708 NLB 36790 a

1    for a returning resident's failure or inability to obtain
2    a license or other permission or authorization legally
3    required to be a behavioral health care professional.".