Sen. Christopher Belt

Filed: 4/16/2021





10200SB0928sam002LRB102 04776 JWD 25464 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 928 by replacing
3everything after the enacting clause with the following:
4    "Section 5. The Township Code is amended by adding Article
5Article 28A as follows:
6    (60 ILCS 1/Art. Art. 28A heading new)

9    (60 ILCS 1/28A-5 new)
10    Sec. 28A-5. Applicability. This Article shall apply only
11to Centreville Township in St. Clair County.
12    (60 ILCS 1/28A-10 new)
13    Sec. 28A-10. Cessation of township organization. On the
14effective date of this amendatory Act of the 102nd General



10200SB0928sam002- 2 -LRB102 04776 JWD 25464 a

1Assembly, Centreville Township is discontinued and abolished
2and all the rights, powers, duties, assets, property,
3liabilities, obligations, and responsibilities of Centreville
4Township shall by operation of law vest in and be assumed by
5the City of Cahokia Heights, including the authority to levy
6property taxes for township purposes in the same manner as the
7dissolved Township. On the effective date of this amendatory
8Act of the 102nd General Assembly, the terms of office of all
9elected and appointed officers of Centreville Township are
10ended, and all such offices are discontinued and abolished.
11    (60 ILCS 1/28A-15 new)
12    Sec. 28A-15. Duties and responsibilities of Cahokia
13Heights. Upon the effective date of discontinuance and
14abolition of Centreville Township, Cahokia Heights shall
15exercise all duties and responsibilities of the township
16officers as provided in the Township Code, the Illinois Public
17Aid Code, the Property Tax Code, and the Illinois Highway
18Code, as applicable. Cahokia Heights may enter into an
19intergovernmental agreement or contract with the county or the
20State to administer the duties and responsibilities of the
21township officers for services under its jurisdiction.
22    (60 ILCS 1/28A-20 new)
23    Sec. 28A-20. Business, records, and property of
24Centreville Township. The records of Centreville Township



10200SB0928sam002- 3 -LRB102 04776 JWD 25464 a

1shall be deposited in the city clerk's office of Cahokia
2Heights. Cahokia Heights may close up all unfinished business
3of the Township and sell and dispose of any of the property
4belonging to the Township for benefit of the inhabitants of
5Cahokia Heights.".