Rep. Sonya M. Harper

Filed: 5/20/2021





10200SB1847ham002LRB102 11505 JLS 26791 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 1847, AS AMENDED,
3with reference to page and line numbers of House Amendment No.
41, on page 9, line 21, by replacing ", and" with "and is
5required to file an Annual Employer Information Report EEO-1
6with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, but , and";
8on page 10, line 23, by replacing "is" with "is subject to this
9Section and"; and
10on page 11, line 4, by replacing "Section" with "Section. The
11failure of the Department to notify a business of its
12recertification deadline may be a mitigating factor when
13making a determination of a violation of this Section"; and
14on page 13, line 4, by replacing "job" with "job, education or
15training, job location, use of a collective bargaining



10200SB1847ham002- 2 -LRB102 11505 JLS 26791 a

1agreement"; and
2on page 13, line 18, by replacing "evaluated" with "evaluated;
3and"; and
4on page 13, by deleting lines 19 and 20; and
5on page 13, by replacing lines 23 and 24 with "pay its
6employees; acceptable approaches include, but are not limited
7to, a wage and salary survey."; and
8on page 17, line 8, by replacing "15" with "30"; and
9on page 18, by replacing line 23 with "production of personnel
10and compensation information relative"; and
11on page 22, line 24, by inserting "anonymized" after
12"request"; and
13on page 22, by replacing line 26 with "classification. No
14individually identifiable information may be provided to an
15employee making a request under this paragraph."; and
16on page 23, by inserting immediately below line 7 the
18        "(5) If the Executive Inspector General finds that any



10200SB1847ham002- 3 -LRB102 11505 JLS 26791 a

1    Department employee has abused his or her position by
2    divulging confidential information received by the
3    Department from any business pursuant to this Act, except
4    in accordance with a proper judicial order or otherwise
5    provided by law, that employee shall be guilty of a
6    violation of the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act.
7    Nothing contained in this Act prevents the Director from
8    divulging information to any person pursuant to a request
9    or authorization made by the business or authorized
10    representative of the business."; and
11on Page 28, by inserting immediately below line 1 the
13    "Before any imposition of a penalty under this subsection,
14an employer with 100 or more employees who violates item (b) of
15Section 11 and inadvertently fails to file an initial
16application or recertification shall be provided 30 calendar
17days by the Department to submit the application or