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2    WHEREAS, The Constitution of the State of Illinois
3prescribes a flat, or non-graduated, income tax system be
4utilized; and
5    WHEREAS, In 2020, the General Assembly put the progressive
6income tax amendment on the 2020 ballot, which would have
7altered our Constitution and permitted graduated income tax
8rates and tax increases on all Illinoisans; and
9    WHEREAS, The progressive income tax amendment was roundly
10rejected by Illinoisans in the 2020 election; and
11    WHEREAS, Current inflation levels, rising costs, and
12recession fears are already wreaking havoc on household
13budgets of Illinoisans across the state; and
14    WHEREAS, Illinoisans already have one of the highest total
15tax burdens in the country; and
16    WHEREAS, The State of Illinois is currently collecting
17record sums of revenue; and
18    WHEREAS, Since rejecting the progressive income tax
19amendment in 2020, five states have transitioned away from a



SR0027- 2 -SRS103 00002 JAF 45002 r

1progressive income tax to a flat, non-graduated income tax;
3    WHEREAS, In addition to imposing a tax increase through a
4progressive income tax upon over-taxed Illinoisans, this tax
5increase would deprive the state of one of the few competitive
6advantages Illinois has to retain and attract businesses;
7therefore, be it
9ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we trust the decision
10Illinoisans made in 2020 when they rejected the path to future
11tax increases by rejecting and prohibiting the progressive
12income tax amendment from becoming enacted; and be it further
13    RESOLVED, That the Illinois Senate rejects all efforts to
14raise taxes on Illinoisans by further attempts to change the
15state’s Constitution and transition away from the flat tax to
16a progressive income tax; and be it further
17    RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this Resolution be
18delivered to all Illinois Constitutional Officers, the
19President and Minority Leader of the Illinois Senate, and the
20Speaker and Minority Leader of the Illinois House of