LRB093 06837 MKM 06983 b

 1        AN ACT in relation to police training.

 2        Be  it  enacted  by  the People of the State of Illinois,
 3    represented in the General Assembly:

 4        Section  5.  The State Police Act is amended by  changing
 5    Section 9 as follows:

 6        (20 ILCS 2610/9) (from Ch. 121, par. 307.9)
 7        Sec. 9.  Appointment; qualifications.
 8        (a)  Except  as  otherwise  provided in this Section, the
 9    appointment of Department of State Police officers  shall  be
10    made  from  those  applicants  who have been certified by the
11    Board as being qualified for  appointment.   All  persons  so
12    appointed  shall,  at  the  time of their appointment, be not
13    less than 21 years of age,  or  20  years  of  age  and  have
14    successfully  completed 2 years of law enforcement studies at
15    an accredited college or university.   Any  person  appointed
16    subsequent  to  successful  completion of 2 years of such law
17    enforcement studies shall not have power of arrest, nor shall
18    he be permitted to carry firearms, until he reaches 21  years
19    of   age.    In   addition,  all  persons  so  certified  for
20    appointment shall be of sound mind and body, be of good moral
21    character, be citizens of the United States, have no criminal
22    records, possess such prerequisites  of  training,  education
23    and  experience as the Board may from time to time prescribe,
24    and shall be required to pass successfully  such  mental  and
25    physical  tests  and examinations as may be prescribed by the
26    Board.  Preference shall be given  in  such  appointments  to
27    persons  who  have  honorably served in the military or naval
28    services of the United States.  All appointees shall serve  a
29    probationary period of 12 months from the date of appointment
30    and  during  that period may be discharged at the will of the
31    Director. However, the  Director  may  in  his  or  her  sole
                            -2-      LRB093 06837 MKM 06983 b
 1    discretion extend the probationary period of an officer up to
 2    an  additional  6  months when to do so is deemed in the best
 3    interest of the Department.
 4        (a-5)  Each  person  certified  by  the  Department   for
 5    appointment  as a Department of State Police officer and each
 6    person serving as a Department of State Police  officer  must
 7    receive  training  designed  to educate the officer in how to
 8    immediately respond to  and  investigate  cases  of  domestic
 9    violence and of sexual assault of adults and children and how
10    to  recognize  the  victims  of  sexual  assault and domestic
11    violence and how to approach and assist persons  experiencing
12    domestic  violence  or sexual assault, including both victims
13    and  batterers.  The   Department   of   State   Police,   in
14    consultation  with  the  Illinois  Law  Enforcement  Training
15    Standards Board, shall develop the training program described
16    in this subsection (a-5).
17        (b)  Notwithstanding  the  other  provisions of this Act,
18    after July 1, 1977 and before July 1, 1980, the  Director  of
19    State Police may appoint and promote not more than 20 persons
20    having  special  qualifications as special agents as he deems
21    necessary to carry out the Department's objectives.  Any such
22    appointment or promotion shall be ratified by the Board.
23        (c)  During the 90 days following the effective  date  of
24    this amendatory Act of 1995, the Director of State Police may
25    appoint  up  to  25  persons as State Police officers.  These
26    appointments  shall  be   made   in   accordance   with   the
27    requirements  of  this  subsection  (c)  and  any  additional
28    criteria that may be established by the Director, but are not
29    subject  to any other requirements of this Act.  The Director
30    may specify the initial rank for each person appointed  under
31    this subsection.
32        All  appointments under this subsection (c) shall be made
33    from personnel certified by the Board.  A person certified by
34    the Board and appointed by the Director under this subsection
                            -3-      LRB093 06837 MKM 06983 b
 1    must have been employed by the Illinois  Commerce  Commission
 2    on  November 30, 1994 in a job title subject to the Personnel
 3    Code and in a position for which the person was  eligible  to
 4    earn   "eligible   creditable   service"   as  a  "noncovered
 5    employee", as those terms are defined in Article  14  of  the
 6    Illinois Pension Code.
 7        Persons   appointed   under  this  subsection  (c)  shall
 8    thereafter be subject to the same requirements and procedures
 9    as other State police officers.   A  person  appointed  under
10    this subsection must serve a probationary period of 12 months
11    from  the  date of appointment, during which he or she may be
12    discharged at the will of the Director.
13        This  subsection  (c)  does  not  affect  or  limit   the
14    Director's  authority  to appoint other State Police officers
15    under subsection (a) of this Section.
16    (Source: P.A. 92-313, eff. 1-1-02.)

17        Section  10.  The Illinois Police Training Act is amended
18    by changing Section 7 as follows:

19        (50 ILCS 705/7) (from Ch. 85, par. 507)
20        Sec. 7. Rules and standards for schools.  The Board shall
21    adopt rules and minimum  standards  for  such  schools  which
22    shall include but not be limited to the following:
23        a.  The curriculum for probationary police officers which
24    shall  be  offered by all certified schools shall include but
25    not be limited to courses  of  arrest,  search  and  seizure,
26    civil  rights, human relations, criminal law, law of criminal
27    procedure, vehicle  and  traffic  law,  traffic  control  and
28    accident  investigation,  techniques  of  obtaining  physical
29    evidence,  court  testimonies,  statements, reports, firearms
30    training,      first-aid      (including      cardiopulmonary
31    resuscitation), handling of juvenile  offenders,  recognition
32    of  mental  conditions which require immediate assistance and
                            -4-      LRB093 06837 MKM 06983 b
 1    methods to safeguard and provide assistance to  a  person  in
 2    need  of  mental  treatment,  law of evidence, the hazards of
 3    high-speed  police  vehicle  chases  with  an   emphasis   on
 4    alternatives  to the high-speed chase, and physical training.
 5    The curriculum shall include specific training in  techniques
 6    for  immediate  response  to  and  investigation  of cases of
 7    domestic  violence  and  of  sexual  assault  of  adults  and
 8    children and how to recognize the victims of  sexual  assault
 9    and  domestic violence and how to approach and assist persons
10    experiencing domestic violence or sexual  assault,  including
11    both  victims  and  batterers.  The  curriculum for permanent
12    police officers shall include  but  not  be  limited  to  (1)
13    refresher  and  in-service  training  in  any  of the courses
14    listed above in this subparagraph, (2)  advanced  courses  in
15    any  of  the  subjects listed above in this subparagraph, (3)
16    training  for  supervisory  personnel,  and  (4)  specialized
17    training in subjects and fields to be selected by the board.
18        b.  Minimum courses of study, attendance requirements and
19    equipment requirements.
20        c.  Minimum requirements for instructors.
21        d.  Minimum  basic   training   requirements,   which   a
22    probationary  police  officer  must  satisfactorily  complete
23    before being eligible for permanent employment as a local law
24    enforcement  officer  for  a participating local governmental
25    agency.  Those requirements shall include training  in  first
26    aid (including cardiopulmonary resuscitation).
27        e.  Minimum   basic   training   requirements,   which  a
28    probationary county corrections officer  must  satisfactorily
29    complete  before being eligible for permanent employment as a
30    county  corrections  officer  for   a   participating   local
31    governmental agency.
32        f.  Minimum   basic   training   requirements   which   a
33    probationary   court  security  officer  must  satisfactorily
34    complete before being eligible for permanent employment as  a
                            -5-      LRB093 06837 MKM 06983 b
 1    court security officer for a participating local governmental
 2    agency.     The   Board   shall   establish   those  training
 3    requirements  which  it  considers  appropriate   for   court
 4    security  officers  and shall certify schools to conduct that
 5    training.
 6        A person hired to serve as a court security officer  must
 7    obtain  from  the Board a certificate (i) attesting to his or
 8    her  successful  completion  of  the  training  course;  (ii)
 9    attesting to his or her satisfactory completion of a training
10    program of similar content and number of hours that has  been
11    found  acceptable  by  the Board under the provisions of this
12    Act; or (iii) attesting to the Board's determination that the
13    training  course  is  unnecessary  because  of  the  person's
14    extensive prior law enforcement experience.
15        Individuals  who  currently  serve  as   court   security
16    officers  shall  be  deemed qualified to continue to serve in
17    that capacity so long as they are certified  as  provided  by
18    this  Act  within  24  months  of  the effective date of this
19    amendatory Act of 1996.  Failure to be so certified, absent a
20    waiver from the Board, shall cause the officer to forfeit his
21    or her position.
22        All individuals hired as court security  officers  on  or
23    after the effective date of this amendatory Act of 1996 shall
24    be  certified  within  12  months  of the date of their hire,
25    unless a waiver has been obtained by the Board, or they shall
26    forfeit their positions.
27        The Sheriff's Merit Commission, if  one  exists,  or  the
28    Sheriff's  Office  if there is no Sheriff's Merit Commission,
29    shall maintain a list  of  all  individuals  who  have  filed
30    applications  to  become court security officers and who meet
31    the eligibility  requirements  established  under  this  Act.
32    Either  the  Sheriff's  Merit  Commission,  or  the Sheriff's
33    Office  if  no  Sheriff's  Merit  Commission  exists,   shall
34    establish a schedule of reasonable intervals for verification
                            -6-      LRB093 06837 MKM 06983 b
 1    of  the  applicants'  qualifications  under  this  Act and as
 2    established by the Board.
 3    (Source: P.A.  88-661,  eff.  1-1-95;  89-685,  eff.  6-1-97;
 4    89-707, eff. 6-1-97.)