HR0020 LRB094 06431 CSA 36519 r


2     WHEREAS, Martha J. Barnes, an esteemed resident of Chicago,
3 is retiring January 31, 2005 after 34 years of dedicated
4 service in public education; and
5     WHEREAS, Martha is currently the Dean in the Adult
6 Education Program at Olive-Harvey College in Chicago; and
7     WHEREAS, She has been a significant force behind many of
8 the accomplishments and successes of the Adult Education
9 Program; she has provided leadership and supervision to over
10 100 administrative, instructional, clerical, and student
11 support staff, including bargained-for employees; and
12     WHEREAS, She has managed an adult education program that
13 serves more than 6,000 students yearly in Adult Basic
14 Education, English as a Second Language, and General
15 Educational Development; and
16     WHEREAS, In addition to her excellent leadership
17 abilities, she was one of the pioneers who implemented the
18 innovative instructional program for 100 "at-risk" high school
19 youth in a community college environment; and
20     WHEREAS, She is also a part of the President's Executive
21 Council that acts as a "Think Tank" for the College and related
22 issues in higher education; and
23     WHEREAS, Additionally, she directed a pre-credit
24 developmental program that served more than 500 high school
25 graduates seeking Associates of Arts degrees, and is the author
26 of Reading and Critical Thinking in the Content Areas,
27 published by Contemporary Books; and
28     WHEREAS, Martha has helped sponsor faculty and staff



HR0020 - 2 - LRB094 06431 CSA 36519 r

1 development activities, such as improving the criteria for the
2 adult basic education and GED level students and coordinating a
3 "Community Blitz" which increased student enrollment
4 tremendously; and
5     WHEREAS, She has continually sought professional
6 development activities, not only for the Adult Education
7 Program, but also for the entire College by encouraging
8 participation and attendance at conferences; and
9     WHEREAS, Martha Barnes is fondly called "Queen Dean" by
10 many of her colleagues because of her commitment to doing the
11 "right thing" in everything she does; therefore, be it
14 we commend Martha Barnes on the occasion of her retirement, we
15 thank her for her many years of outstanding dedicated service
16 to the education of the students of Olive-Harvey College, and
17 we wish her all the best in her retirement; and be it further
18     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
19 presented to Martha Barnes as an expression of our respect and
20 esteem.