SR0188 LRB094 12282 CSA 46087 r


2     WHEREAS, The Ms. Foundation for Women established Take Our
3 Daughters to Work Day in 1993 to introduce girls to the
4 opportunities available to them in the world of work; and
5     WHEREAS, The program has since evolved to become Take Our
6 Daughters and Sons to Work Day, a chance for children to
7 experience work opportunities and to discuss the challenges of
8 participating fully in work, family, and the community; and
9     WHEREAS, The Foundation estimates that between six to ten
10 million boys and girls across the country participated in Take
11 Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day this year, with support for
12 the program's goals from many school districts; and
13     WHEREAS, Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day has been
14 traditionally held on the third Thursday in April since its
15 creation; and
16     WHEREAS, This date is also a school day in most Illinois
17 school districts; and
18     WHEREAS, The date is the same as that for the
19 administration of the Prairie State Achievement Exam for high
20 school juniors; and
21     WHEREAS, Participation in Take Our Daughters and Sons to
22 Work Day is significant enough that many teachers consider the
23 day a "lost instruction day" due to student absences; and
24     WHEREAS, Schools and school districts are being held more
25 accountable for student performance since the implementation
26 of the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001; and
27     WHEREAS, State aid to school districts is tied to school



SR0188 - 2 - LRB094 12282 CSA 46087 r

1 districts' average daily attendance; therefore, be it
3 ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we commend the Take Our
4 Daughters and Sons to Work program for its contribution to
5 education and the lives of children; and be it further
6     RESOLVED, That we encourage the scheduling of Take Our
7 Daughters and Sons to Work Day on a school holiday, institute
8 day, or during the summer when the program will not disrupt
9 children's attendance or the classroom schedule of the schools.