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2     WHEREAS, The Chicago White Sox are the 2005 World Series
3 Champions; and
4     WHEREAS, The White Sox last won the World Series in 1917;
5 and
6     WHEREAS, The 2005 White Sox are a team that have surpassed
7 all expectations; they have won games because of their talent,
8 unity, and spirit, which is embodied by their Manager, Ozzie
9 Guillen; and
10     WHEREAS, Oswaldo "Ozzie" Jose Guillen Barrios was born on
11 Monday, January 20, 1964 in Oculare Del Tuy, Estado Miranda,
12 Venezuela; he was signed by the San Diego Padres as an amateur
13 free agent on December 17, 1980; on December 6, 1984, he was
14 traded by the San Diego Padres with Tim Lollar, Bill Long, and
15 Luis Salazar to the Chicago White Sox for the Cy Young Award
16 winner La Marr Hoyt, Kevin Kristan (minors), and Todd Simmons
17 (minors); and
18     WHEREAS, Ozzie Guillen made his Major League debut on April
19 9, 1985, succeeding two other White Sox Venezuelan greats:
20 shortstops Chico Carrasquel and Hall-of-Famer Luis Aparicio;
21 he was the 1985 American League Rookie of the Year and a member
22 of the 1985 Topps All-Star Rookie Team; he was also a 3-time
23 American League All-Star (1988, 1990, 1991) and a 1990 American
24 League Gold Glove winner; and
25     WHEREAS, On October 1, 2000, Ozzie Guillen played his final
26 game, ending a 16-year career with the Tampa Devil Rays; Mr.
27 Guillen continued on in the game as a coach; he was the 3rd
28 base coach for the 2003 World Series Champion Florida Marlins;
29 and



SR0492 - 2 - LRB094 14954 LCT 50043 r

1     WHEREAS, In 2004, he returned to the White Sox as the
2 manager, leading the team to an 83-79 record; in 2005, he led
3 the White Sox to the World Series, with a 99-63 regular season
4 record, becoming the first Latino manager to take a team to the
5 World Series; therefore, be it
7 ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we congratulate every
8 member of the Chicago White Sox organization and Manager Ozzie
9 Guillen for a well-earned World Series victory; and be it
10 further
11     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
12 presented to the Chicago White Sox organization and to Manager
13 Ozzie Guillen.