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2     WHEREAS, The highest award the National Council of the Boy
3 Scouts of America can bestow upon a Scout is that of Eagle
4 Scout; and
5     WHEREAS, Jonathan Tyler Bangert of Boy Scout Troop 156 will
6 receive the Eagle Scout Award at a Court of Honor to be held on
7 February 12, 2006; and
8     WHEREAS, In order to qualify as an Eagle Scout, a young man
9 must demonstrate outstanding qualities of leadership, a
10 willingness to be of help to others, and superior skills in
11 camping, lifesaving, and first aid; and
12     WHEREAS, In earning this high rank, Jonathan Bangert joins
13 an elite and honorable fraternity of achievers that counts
14 among its members an extraordinary number of this nation's
15 great leaders in business, government, education, and other
16 sectors of society; and
17     WHEREAS, The achievement of the rank of Eagle Scout
18 reflects favorably upon the recipient, his justly proud family,
19 his Scoutmaster, and his fellow scouts; therefore, be it
21 ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we join his family and
22 friends in congratulating Jonathan Tyler Bangert upon
23 attaining the coveted rank of Eagle Scout, and we commend him
24 upon the unswerving dedication to excellence that is the
25 hallmark of the Eagle Scout; and be it further
26     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
27 presented to Eagle Scout Jonathan Tyler Bangert as an
28 expression of our respect and esteem.