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2     WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3 Representatives are saddened to learn of the death of Luther
4 Thomas Ingram, recording artist from Belleville, who passed
5 away on March 19, 2007; and
6     WHEREAS, Luther Ingram was born November 30, 1937, in
7 Jackson, Tennessee, to Richard Lee and Callie Ingram; and
8     WHEREAS, He attended public school in Jackson, Tennessee,
9 and in Alton; he accepted Christ at an early age and attended
10 the family church, Walnut Grove Baptist located in Jackson; his
11 family recognized his love for music at about two or three
12 years of age when his mother, dad, and older brothers, Archie
13 and Richard, couldn't sit him down during church service when
14 he heard the music and the singing; he grew up with music all
15 around him and was gifted with the same talent as his mother
16 and her brothers who sang in quartets at churches; and
17     WHEREAS, Luther's love for singing became an integral part
18 of his life; he went to work for McDonnell Douglas Aircraft
19 Company, but his love for his music would not be squelched by
20 his work and he became a part of The Gardenias, along with his
21 two brothers and two other family friends; he quickly became
22 the feature lead singer and was known in the area as one of the



HR0294 - 2 - LRB095 11888 KXB 35029 r

1 most talented and prolific young singers in the region; and
2     WHEREAS, Luther Ingram is best remembered for his signature
3 classic song, "If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don't Want To Be
4 Right"; the song was recorded in 1973 and reached number 1 on
5 the record charts; Luther Ingram would go on to be on the R&B
6 charts thirteen times in his career; he also co-wrote the
7 Staple Singers hit song "Respect Yourself"; and
8     WHEREAS, Luther Ingram was united in holy matrimony to
9 Jacqueline Langford in 1961; Luther was preceded in death by
10 his father, Richard Lee Ingram; his sister, Georgia Lee; his
11 brother, Allie B.; and his grandparents; and
12     WHEREAS, The passing of Luther Ingram will be deeply felt
13 by all those who knew and loved him, including his devoted wife
14 of 46 years, Jacqueline; their sons, Kenneth (Rochelle) Ingram,
15 and Eric Luther (Linda) Ingram; his mother, Mrs. Callie Ingram;
16 Mrs. Rose Langford; his brothers, Archie (Dorothy) Ingram,
17 Richard (Beatrice) Ingram, Jessie (Sherlene) Ingram, Frank
18 (Karen), and Thomas (Barbara); his sister, Daisy (Pennington)
19 McGee; his grandchildren, Jemar Glen, Kenneth Edward, and James
20 Kobe; his great-aunts, Fanny Henry, Norma Walls, Mildred Hill,
21 Susan Weaver and Mary (Sherman, Sr.) Hamilton; his
22 sisters-in-law, Virgie Mae Hudson, Geraldine Scott and Mary
23 (Jesse) Brown; his godchildren, Christopher (Venis) Manuel,



HR0294 - 3 - LRB095 11888 KXB 35029 r

1 Debra Reed, Stephanie Lewis, Briana Scott, Stevie (Jessica)
2 Scott, Maurice Scott Jr., and Joseph Bates; his longtime
3 brethren, Bernie (U-Vee) Hayes, Percy Lockett, Donald Dace,
4 John Sanders, Dr. James Logan, and Randy Stewart; his nieces
5 and nephews; his dozens of cousins; a host of friends and
6 associates along with his musical family Stax/KoKo of Memphis
7 Tennessee; therefore, be it
10 mourn, along with all who knew and loved him, the passing of
11 musical artist Luther Ingram; and be it further
12     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
13 presented to the family of Luther Ingram as a symbol of our
14 respect and sympathy.