HR1669 LRB095 23083 GRL 53674 r


2     WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3 Representatives are pleased to honor our esteemed colleague,
4 Illinois State Representative Joe Dunn, for his many years of
5 dedicated service to the people of the State of Illinois; and
6     WHEREAS, Representative Joe Dunn was born on February 1,
7 1968 in New Jersey; he grew up in DuPage County and attended
8 Montini Catholic High School; he received his bachelor's degree
9 from Northern Illinois University and his Masters in Business
10 Administration from DePaul University; and
11     WHEREAS, Representative Joe Dunn is a Certified Public
12 Accountant and is the managing director of an investment fund;
13 he is also a commercially rated pilot and the founder of
14 General Aviators, Inc.; and
15     WHEREAS, Representative Joe Dunn has served faithfully as a
16 State Representative of the 96th District since 2003,
17 representing DuPage and Will Counties for residents in
18 Naperville, Aurora, and Warrenville; and
19     WHEREAS, Representative Joe Dunn has served on numerous
20 legislative committees, including the Committee of the Whole
21 and the Financial Institutions, Insurance, Judiciary I - Civil



HR1669 - 2 - LRB095 23083 GRL 53674 r

1 Law, Least Cost Power Procurement, and Renewable Energy
2 committees; he also served as the Republican Spokesperson for
3 the Tollway Oversight committee; and
4     WHEREAS, Representative Joe Dunn has been the catalyst for
5 many beneficial pieces of legislation passed through the
6 General Assembly; he helped pass legislation to increase
7 penalties for those driving on a revoked license when the
8 revoked license was based on reckless homicide or aggravated
9 driving under the influence when injuries or death occurred; he
10 helped ensure safety in library settings by requiring library
11 patron records to become available for police personnel in
12 needed in emergencies through the Library Records
13 Confidentiality Act; he simplified the process for
14 organizations that use gaming for charitable purposes, such as
15 bingo and jar games; he supported legislation to allow Indian
16 Prairie Unit District 204 the means to purchase land for the
17 construction of a proposed Metea Valley High School; he
18 recognized and supported awareness of the MEDIC program and its
19 potential for saving lives in the City of Naperville and the
20 State of Illinois; he passed a new law to require board members
21 to report any knowledge of child abuse to the Department of
22 Child and Family Services; he also supported legislation to
23 close a tax loophole that would prevent taxing bodies from
24 collecting more tax money than voters thought they were
25 approving in referenda; and



HR1669 - 3 - LRB095 23083 GRL 53674 r

1     WHEREAS, Beyond his service in the Illinois House of
2 Representatives, Representative Joe Dunn has also served as a
3 Wheatland Township Trustee, Chairman of the Finance Committee,
4 and liaison to the Planning Commission; and
5     WHEREAS, Representative Joe Dunn has two sons and one
6 daughter and is a resident of Naperville; and
7     WHEREAS, Representative Joe Dunn's unwavering commitment
8 to the safety and welfare of the people of the 96th District
9 and to the people of this State have made him a role model for
10 the members of this august body and to the people of the State
11 of Illinois; therefore, be it
14 thank Representative Joe Dunn for his service in the Illinois
15 House of Representatives and wish him our best in his future
16 endeavors; and be it further
17     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
18 presented to Representative Joe Dunn as a symbol of the esteem
19 and respect we have for our colleague and friend.