Sen. John M. Sullivan

Filed: 4/22/2010





09600HB6349sam001 LRB096 20966 RCE 40462 a


2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 6349 on page 4, by
3 replacing lines 1 through 10 with the following:
4 "a period of excessive unemployment in Illinois, if a every
5 person or entity who is charged with the duty, either by law or
6 contract, of (1) constructing or building any public works, as
7 defined in this Act, project or improvement or (2) for the
8 clean-up and on-site disposal of hazardous waste for the State
9 of Illinois or any political subdivision of the State, and that
10 clean-up or on-site disposal is funded or financed in whole or
11 in part with State funds or funds administered by the State of
12 Illinois, then that person or entity municipal corporation or";
13 and
14 on page 6, line 23, by replacing "Department" with "Department
15 of Labor".