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2     WHEREAS, The members of the House of Representatives of the
3 State of Illinois wish to congratulate Patricia Tichnor on the
4 occasion of her retirement in December of 2008 from a career
5 with Cuba Township and the State of Illinois; and
6     WHEREAS, Pat has had the fortitude to work with
7 Representative Mark Beaubien for over 15 years, first at Cuba
8 Township and, since 1996, as a legislative aide in the Wauconda
9 District Office; and
10     WHEREAS, Pat has served constituents in the 52nd District,
11 and often outside of the 52nd District, with distinction,
12 compassion, skill, and patience for the past twelve years; and
13     WHEREAS, Pat has also served faithfully as a precinct
14 committeeperson for Cuba Township and has attended, in that
15 capacity and as a legislative aide, hundreds of political and
16 district functions, having volunteered the hours to do so, and
17 is held in high regard by all who have come to know her; and
18     WHEREAS, Pat has survived computer and phone updates,
19 unpaid State bills, and cut-offs of newspaper and other
20 services because the State has not paid its bills; and



HR0034 - 2 - LRB096 06742 GRL 16826 r

1     WHEREAS, Pat has written countless letters, made hundreds
2 of phone calls, and listened for multiple hours to constituents
3 who are concerned over a multitude of issues crucial to them,
4 and has served as a liaison to many district social service
5 agencies, municipalities, and townships; and
6     WHEREAS, Pat has had a wonderful working relationship with
7 Kay Peet, legislative aide for Representative Beaubien in
8 Springfield; and
9     WHEREAS, Pat will be missed by Kay and the other
10 legislative aides with whom she has worked for so many years;
11 and
12     WHEREAS, Pat will now have time to spend with Harry, her
13 husband of almost forty-five years; her children, Linda
14 Bartolucci and her husband, Bruce, Laura Barnes and her
15 husband, Jim, and Melissa Tichnor; her grandchildren, Taryn and
16 Jay Bartolucci and Jake and Haley Barnes; and with her
17 countless friends and neighbors; and
18     WHEREAS, In spite of her retirement, Pat has agreed to
19 continue to participate in the events and activities of the
20 52nd District; and
21     WHEREAS, Everyone in the 52nd District will undoubtedly



HR0034 - 3 - LRB096 06742 GRL 16826 r

1 hold her to that promise; and
2     WHEREAS, Pat Tichnor has had a long and distinguished
3 career in public service from 1989 to her retirement in
4 December of 2008; therefore, be it
7 congratulate Patricia Tichnor on her retirement and thank her
8 for her many years of service to the citizens of Illinois; and
9 be it further
10     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
11 presented to Patricia Tichnor as an expression of our esteem.