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2     WHEREAS, On June 9, 2010, the Chicago Blackhawks of the
3 Western Conference won the Stanley Cup Finals, their first
4 since 1961, in dominant fashion by defeating the Philadelphia
5 Flyers in overtime in Game Six; and
6     WHEREAS, With a Western Conference record of 52-22-8, the
7 Blackhawks made the playoffs for the second consecutive season
8 and then defeated the Nashville Predators in six games in the
9 first round, before defeating the Vancouver Canucks in six
10 games in the second round; and
11     WHEREAS, The Blackhawks continued their quest for the Cup
12 by defeating the San Jose Sharks in the Western Conference
13 Finals in only four games to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals
14 against the Philadelphia Flyers; and
15     WHEREAS, Game One of the Stanley Cup Finals was a game
16 dominated by offense, with both teams scoring a combined 5
17 goals in both the first period and again in the second period,
18 with the Flyers leading 3-2 in the first period and the
19 Blackhawks tying the game 5-5 in the second period; with the
20 home crowd loud and constantly on its feet, Blackhawk Tomas
21 Kopecky, right winger, scored what would be the game-winning
22 goal in the third period to win 6-5 and put the Blackhawks up



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1 1-0 overall in the Finals; and
2     WHEREAS, Game Two was dominated by defense at the hands of
3 Blackhawks goalie Antti Niemi, who allowed only 1 goal in 33
4 shots on goal made by the Flyers; Blackhawk goals made by
5 Marian Hossa and Ben Eager in the second period lifted the
6 Blackhawks over the Flyers 2-1 in the game and 2-0 overall in
7 the Finals; and
8     WHEREAS, The Blackhawks fell to the Flyers in games Three
9 and Four of the Stanley Cup Finals with a hard fought overtime
10 loss in Game Three and a late momentum charge in Game Four,
11 with both losses taking place in Philadelphia; and
12     WHEREAS, The Blackhawks brought back the power to Chicago
13 in Game Five in a dominant 7-4 victory over the Flyers, where
14 the Blackhawks demonstrated their coaching strength and
15 offensive skills, with 7 of the goals coming from 6 different
16 players; and
17     WHEREAS, In Game Six of the Stanley Cup Finals, held in
18 Philadelphia, both teams traded goals throughout the game to
19 end regulation play tied 3-3 and send the teams into overtime;
20 and
21     WHEREAS, During the sudden-death fourth period of Game Six,



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1 with the Blackhawks playing for the Championship, and the
2 Flyers playing to stay alive, Blackhawk right winger Patrick
3 Kane scored the game-winning and Stanley Cup clinching goal 4
4 minutes and 6 seconds into overtime; and
5     WHEREAS, A Stanley Cup victory takes dedication from all
6 members of the active roster; and
7     WHEREAS, The men who make up the Chicago Blackhawks team
8 are to be commended for their unity and team strength, that
9 allowed them to bring the Stanley Cup to Chicago; and
10     WHEREAS, The Blackhawks forwards include Bryan Bickell,
11 Dave Bolland, Troy Brouwer, Adam Burish, Dustin Byfuglien, Jake
12 Dowell, Ben Eager, Colin Fraser, Marian Hossa, Patrick Kane,
13 Tomas Kopecky, Andrew Ladd, John Madden, Patrick Sharp, Jack
14 Skille, Jonathan Toews, and Kris Versteeg; and
15     WHEREAS, The Blackhawks defenders include Nick Boynton,
16 Brian Campbell, Jassen Cullimore, Jordan Hendry, Niklas
17 Hjalmarsson, Kim Johnsson, Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook, and
18 Brent Sopel; and
19     WHEREAS, the Blackhawks goalies include Corey Crawford,
20 Cristobal Huet, and Antti Niemi; and



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1     WHEREAS, The Blackhawks are coached by Joel Quenneville,
2 the 37th head coach in franchise history since October 16,
3 2008; Coach Quenneville has registered a .592 regular-season
4 winning percentage in parts of 11 years as a head coach in the
5 National Hockey League, including seven seasons behind the St.
6 Louis Blues' bench (1996-2004) and three with the Colorado
7 Avalanche (2005-08); Coach Quenneville, in 2009-2010, was
8 assisted by John Torchetti, Mike Haviland, Stephane Waite, Paul
9 Goodman, Brad Aldrich, Paul Vincent, and Wade Flaherty;
10 therefore, be it
13 commend and applaud the 2010 Chicago Blackhawks for their
14 accomplishments during the 2010 season, for the talent and
15 teamwork displayed on the ice, for their excellence and
16 humility off the rink, for the outstanding coaching staff
17 leading the team, and for the brilliant ownership and
18 management that crafted and built the 2010 Blackhawks, and for
19 the gift of the Stanley Cup the Blackhawks gave to the City of
20 Chicago; and be it further
21     RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
22 presented to each member of the Blackhawks executive board, to
23 each member of the coaching staff and management of the 2010
24 Blackhawks organization, and to every player on the 2010 roster



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1 of the Chicago Blackhawks.