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2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives are pleased to congratulate Morris "Mud"
4Meister on the occasion of his retirement on January 1, 2012,
5after 37 1/2 years of dedicated service as an Administrative
6Clerk for the Democratic leadership of the Illinois House of
7Representatives; and
8    WHEREAS, Morris "Mud" Meister, since June 3, 1974, has
9faithfully served important roles behind the scenes to keep all
10legislators and staff well informed about pending legislation,
11including making all committee packets for House Democratic
12members; and
13    WHEREAS, Morris "Mud" Meister has served under the
14leadership of Speakers William A. Redmond and Michael J.
15Madigan and House Democratic Leader Clyde L. Choate; the
16guidance of Chiefs of Staff Gary LaPaille and Tim Mapes; and
17the direction of Research and Appropriations Staff Directors
18Mary Ellen Lynch, Jim Andrews, Bill Foster, Bob Carter, Ralph
19Nickell, Bill Holland, Veronica Lynch, Tony Rossi, Terri
20Coombes, and John Lowder; and
21    WHEREAS, Morris "Mud" Meister could always be counted upon
22to help any staff person who made a request, as long as it was



HR0924- 2 -LRB097 21040 KXB 68363 r

1not a request for extra supplies; and
2    WHEREAS, Morris "Mud" Meister was an early champion of
3fiscal restraint, keeping the supplies cost of the House
4Democratic Staff low by denying any request from a staff member
5for more than two pens at any one time with the iron-clad logic
6of "You only have two hands. Why would you need more than two
7pens?"; and
8    WHEREAS, Morris "Mud" Meister is fondly known for
9distributing delicious, homemade fudge around the holiday
10seasons; and
11    WHEREAS, Morris "Mud" Meister not only showed his
12dedication to the State by his faithful work at the Illinois
13Capitol, but also his dedication to the community as a Boy
14Scout troop leader, and his dedication to his family; his wife,
15Susan, whom he married on May 13, 1978; his daughter, Katherine
16Loree, born on November 7, 1981; and his son, Samuel Dains,
17born on June 16, 1986; and
18    WHEREAS, Morris "Mud" Meister's hard work, integrity, and
19dedication to both the government and people of the State of
20Illinois will be fondly remembered by the members of this
21august body; therefore, be it



HR0924- 3 -LRB097 21040 KXB 68363 r

3we congratulate Morris "Mud" Meister on the occasion of his
4retirement, thank him for his many years of dedicated service
5to the Illinois General Assembly and the people of the State of
6Illinois, and wish him many happy and healthy retirement years;
7and be it further
8    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
9presented to Morris "Mud" Meister as a symbol of our respect
10and esteem.