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2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives are pleased to congratulate the Vandalia
4Chamber of Commerce on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of
5its founding; and
6    WHEREAS, The Vandalia Chamber of Commerce was incorporated
7on April 3, 1914 in the City of Vandalia and will have served
8the community for an entire century on April 3, 2014; and
9    WHEREAS, The mission of the Vandalia Chamber of Commerce is
10to serve its member businesses by encouraging and supporting
11business growth, economic development, tourism, and networking
12opportunities; and
13    WHEREAS, In advancing the interests of business
14professionals and service organizations in the area, the
15Vandalia Chamber of Commerce serves a vital role in the
16development and promotion of economic activity in Vandalia,
17enhancing the quality of life of its residents; and
18    WHEREAS, The organization's founding officers included
19President Charles Evans, Vice-President Herbert Sonnemann, and
20Secretary-Treasurer N.C. Gochenour; and



HR0809- 2 -LRB098 19607 MST 54801 r

1    WHEREAS, The founding members included: Mayor C.A. Janett,
2Judge George T. Turner, J.V. Waddell, Joseph C. Burtschi, Ira
3D. Lakin, P.T. Denny, J.S. Ritter, Nathan Levin, H.H.
4Sonnemann, J.S. Carp, George A. Kurtz, N.C. Gochenour and C.A.
5Evans; and
6    WHEREAS, In its nascent years, the Vandalia Chamber of
7Commerce supported the community in its classic roles such as
8the recruitment of business and industry to Vandalia, but the
9it served a larger role, being involved in nearly every civic
10and social function in the town; and
11    WHEREAS, In 1922, the Vandalia Chamber of Commerce acquired
12a new building, suitable for offices, and a public library for
13Vandalia; and
14    WHEREAS, The Vandalia Chamber Commerce headed a drive to
15build a new railroad depot in Vandalia and found success,
16providing for service on the Illinois Central and Pennsylvania
17railroads in 1924; and
18    WHEREAS, The Vandalia Chamber of Commerce raised the
19necessary funds for the erection of Mark Greer Hospital in 1925
20and another local hospital in 1955; and
21    WHEREAS, The Vandalia Chamber of Commerce has attracted and



HR0809- 3 -LRB098 19607 MST 54801 r

1facilitated the development of numerous prominent businesses
2in the past, including: the Hart-Carter Company in 1953, the
3Crane Packing Company in 1955, the United Wood Heel Company in
41961, and the Benner Nawman Company in 1968; and
5    WHEREAS, In 1978, Marie Bristow became the first woman to
6serve as president of the organization; and
7    WHEREAS, The Vandalia Chamber of Commerce remains very
8active to this day, sustained by approximately 200 member
9businesses; and
10    WHEREAS, Current officers of the Vandalia Chamber of
11Commerce include: President Greg Starnes of Fayette County
12Hospital, Vice-President Brock Brannon of FNB/ Investment
13Centers of America, Secretary John Ashdown of Family YMCA of
14Fayette County, Treasurer Todd Stapleton of WPMB/WKRV Radio and
15past President Ben Timmermann; therefore, be it
18the Vandalia Chamber of Commerce be commemorated for achieving
19the epic milestone of a century of business and public service;
20and be it further
21    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be



HR0809- 4 -LRB098 19607 MST 54801 r

1presented to the Vandalia Chamber of Commerce as an expression
2of our esteem and respect.