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2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives are pleased to recognize Dick Read for his
4contributions to the community and congratulate him on his
5induction into the Vermilion Advantage Hall of Fame; and
6    WHEREAS, Dick Read's modesty will only allow him to say he
7sells cars, but he and his family have been an integral part of
8the Hoopeston community for as long as most can remember; his
9father, W.A. Read, owned a grocery distributor business that
10supplied over 17 small mom & pop stores in a 30-mile radius in
11the 1950s; W.A. Read eventually got out of the grocery supply
12business and started Read's Pontiac, Buick, Oldsmobile, and
13Chevrolet dealership in 1956; 58-years later a Read family
14member is still selling cars in Hoopeston, with Dick now owning
15Star Chrysler and Crown Ford; and
16    WHEREAS, Dick Read's interest in cars extends beyond just
17selling them; in the 1960s he built his own hot-rod show car,
18and he enjoys open-wheel racing, taking part in events across
19the country from coast-to-coast; and
20    WHEREAS, Dick Read has always been a promoter for
21Hoopeston; he sponsors community activities from grilling hot
22dogs to raise money for a cause to sponsoring the town



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1fireworks; he formed a group of business people to volunteer
2their time, meeting weekly to brainstorm ideas to turn things
3around for Hoopeston; he has been at the forefront of the
4recent growth of the Hoopeston healthcare business and its
5hospital; he jumpstarted the conversation regarding a new
6McDonald's at Routes 1 & 9 after it hit numerous roadblocks,
7and he was integral in raising funds for the renovation of a
8former medical building that now houses the new Danville Area
9Community College campus in Hoopeston; and
10    WHEREAS, Anyone who knows Dick Read will tell you that no
11one loves Hoopeston and the people of the community more so
12than he does, and he is the one who can find a way to say "yes"
13when others are saying "no"; and
14    WHEREAS, Dick Read will be inducted into the Vermilion
15Advantage Hall of Fame on March 16, 2014; therefore, be it
18we recognize Dick Read for his contributions to the community
19and congratulate him on his induction into the Vermilion
20Advantage Hall of Fame; and be it further
21    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
22presented to Dick Read as an expression of our esteem and



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