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2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives are pleased to congratulate the Village of
4Ramsey on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of its
5founding; and
6    WHEREAS, The Village of Ramsey received its name from an
7early settler named William Ramsey, who settled on what now is
8known as Ramsey Creek; surveyed as a town in 1857, it started
9growing when the family of Valentine Brazil built their log
10cabin; the town was incorporated May 4, 1864 and reincorporated
11in 1877; Abraham Lincoln was known to ride through the
12Monclovia area near Ramsey on his way to the State capital in
13Vandalia; and
14    WHEREAS, As Ramsey grew, so did its businesses and railroad
15traffic; the I.C. Railroad was completed on January 1, 1855 and
16made Ramsey a local trading and shipping point for nearby
17townships and the biggest "railroad tie depot" on the line; as
18Ramsey grew its businesses became many; it had an Apple
19Evaporator Co. (supported by many nearby orchards), a hand-made
20farm wagon factory, a brick plant, a creamery, and a beaver-hat
21factory to name a few; as of 1878, Ramsey's citizens could
22support 6 dry goods and grocery stores, a drug store, a
23hardware store, 2 saloons, a boot shop, a hotel, a harness



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1factory, and Ramsey was the 2nd largest town in Fayette County;
2Ramsey had its own newspaper in the 1880s named "The Ramsey
3Democrat"; the "Ramsey News-Journal" had its beginnings in
41911, was purchased in 1912 by Julius Mueller, and remained
5within the family for 100 years; and
6    WHEREAS, Ramsey was the first town in the State of Illinois
7to see women vote when on July 10, 1891 Athilla Stoddard voted
8publicly; she was 83 years old and had seen her husband and 7
9children pass on before her; and
10    WHEREAS, Today, Ramsey citizens enjoy a State park, a golf
11course, a bank, a post office, 2 restaurants, 3 grocery stores,
12and a newspaper; the population exceeds 1000, and grows to over
135000 one day-a-year due to the Lions Club Auction; Ramsey can
14claim as its citizens such notable people as Glenn Hobbie
15(baseball player), H.L. Hunt (oil tycoon, who inspired the TV
16series "Dallas"), and Tex Williams (a country music singer/song
17writer and actor); therefore, be it
20we celebrate the 150th year of Ramsey's incorporation and its
21contribution to the State of Illinois; and be it further
22    RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be



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1presented to the citizens of the Village of Ramsey and Mayor
2Claude Willis.