HR1347LRB098 23205 GRL 62213 r


2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois General Assembly wish
3to congratulate the administration and employees of the McHenry
4County Conservation District for its recent receipt of an
5Intergovernmental Cooperation Award, given by the Illinois
6Association of Park Districts; and
7    WHEREAS, The McHenry County Conservation District was
8honored in the Intergovernmental Cooperation category for its
9partnership with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service's
10Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge; and
11    WHEREAS, The Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge was
12established in 2012; the Refuge includes 11,200 acres of
13habitat for wildlife and outdoor recreational opportunities in
14northeastern Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin; and
15    WHEREAS, The Illinois Association of Park Districts'
16Intergovernmental Cooperation Award recognizes park districts,
17forest preserves, conservation agencies, recreation and
18special recreation agencies, and the units of government with
19which they have agreements that have created successful
20partnerships to efficiently use tax dollars and benefit
21residents throughout a community; and



HR1347- 2 -LRB098 23205 GRL 62213 r

1    WHEREAS, The McHenry County Conservation District competed
2against many other park districts, forest preserves, and
3conservation and recreation agencies across the State in order
4to win this prestigious award; and
5    WHEREAS, The Intergovernmental Cooperation Award was
6presented on October 24, 2014 during a banquet at the Wheeling
7Park District's Chevy Chase Country Club; and
8    WHEREAS, The award gives recognition to an agency that
9serves as a model for others; and
10    WHEREAS, The McHenry County Conservation District was
11created by a group of ecologically conscientious citizens in
121971; the District's mission is to preserve, restore, and
13manage natural areas and open spaces for their intrinsic value
14and for the benefits to present and future generations; and
15    WHEREAS, The District owns or manages over 25,000 acres of
16open land, which is diverse with woodlands, prairies, wetlands,
17ponds, creeks, and rivers; 33 sites are open to the public
18throughout the entire year; the sites feature trails, picnic
19shelters, camp sites, fishing sites, rare plant and animal
20examples, and educational facilities; and
21    WHEREAS, Within the District's sites, there are 17



HR1347- 3 -LRB098 23205 GRL 62213 r

1dedicated State Nature Preserves; therefore, be it
4we congratulate the administration and employees of the McHenry
5County Conservation District on their fine cooperative work
6done in partnership with the United States Fish and Wildlife
7Service's Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge; and be it
9    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
10presented to the McHenry County Conservation District's Board
11of Trustees as an expression of our congratulations and
12appreciation for the work they do in maintaining and preserving
13open space and recreational opportunities for the citizens of
14McHenry County and the State of Illinois.