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2    WHEREAS, The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed on
3July 26, 1990 to ensure the civil rights of citizens with
4disabilities; and
5    WHEREAS, The Americans with Disabilities Act established a
6clear and comprehensive mandate to eliminate discrimination
7against persons with disabilities; and
8    WHEREAS, The Americans with Disabilities Act has expanded
9opportunities for people with disabilities by reducing
10barriers, changing perceptions, and increasing full
11participation in community life; and
12    WHEREAS, The State of Illinois affirms the principles of
13equality and inclusion for persons with disabilities as set
14forth by the State of Illinois and as embodied in the Americans
15with Disabilities Act; and
16    WHEREAS, Since the passage of the Americans with
17Disabilities Act, the State of Illinois has increased the
18quality of life for people with disabilities in our State by
19furthering community living, expanding job opportunities,
20improving infrastructure, and increasing access to education,
21among other efforts; and



SR0847- 2 -LRB099 13240 GRL 37146 r

1    WHEREAS, Numerous organizations in the State of Illinois
2work with constituents and communities to bring forth the
3promise of hope and freedom that is envisioned by the passage
4of the Americans with Disabilities Act; and
5    WHEREAS, July 26, 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the
6Americans with Disabilities Act; therefore, be it
8ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we show our unwavering
9support for the full implementation of the Americans with
10Disabilities Act in Illinois and designate July 26, 2015 as
11Americans with Disabilities Act Awareness Day in the State of