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 Bill Status of HB4705  95th General Assembly


House Sponsors
Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie - Cynthia Soto - Roger L. Eddy - Marlow H. Colvin - Elizabeth Coulson, Jerry L. Mitchell, Kathleen A. Ryg, Elaine Nekritz, Elizabeth Hernandez, William Davis, Ruth Munson, Suzanne Bassi, LaShawn K. Ford, Robert S. Molaro, Naomi D. Jakobsson, Karen A. Yarbrough, Linda Chapa LaVia, Deborah L. Graham, Kevin A. McCarthy, Lou Lang, David E. Miller, Angelo Saviano, Mark H. Beaubien, Jr., Harry Osterman, Esther Golar, Julie Hamos, Donald L. Moffitt, Mike Boland, Ed Sullivan, Jr., Sandra M. Pihos, Sara Feigenholtz, Fred Crespo, Annazette Collins, Joseph M. Lyons, Michael K. Smith, Maria Antonia Berrios, Monique D. Davis, Dennis M. Reboletti, Franco Coladipietro, David Reis, Paul D. Froehlich, Constance A. Howard, Rosemary Mulligan, Kevin Joyce, Arthur L. Turner, Patrick J Verschoore, Daniel V. Beiser, Jack D. Franks, Robert W. Pritchard, William B. Black, Kenneth Dunkin, Robert F. Flider, John A. Fritchey, Mike Fortner, Thomas Holbrook, John E. Bradley, Elga L. Jefferies and Luis Arroyo

Senate Sponsors
(Sen. Kimberly A. Lightford - Deanna Demuzio - John J. Millner - Iris Y. Martinez - Don Harmon, Heather Steans, William Delgado, Pamela J. Althoff, Mike Jacobs, A. J. Wilhelmi, James T. Meeks, M. Maggie Crotty, Jacqueline Y. Collins, Kwame Raoul and Donne E. Trotter)

Last Action
DateChamber Action
  6/30/2008HousePublic Act . . . . . . . . . 95-0724

Statutes Amended In Order of Appearance
105 ILCS 5/2-3.71from Ch. 122, par. 2-3.71

Synopsis As Introduced
Amends the School Code. Allows for the continuation of the distribution of funds by the State Board of Education to achieve a goal of "Preschool for All Children" by removing certain provisions that limit this distribution to a time period from July 1, 2006 through June 30, 2008. Effective July 1, 2008.

House Committee Amendment No. 1
Deletes everything after the enacting clause. Amends the School Code. In a Section concerning grants for preschool educational programs, provides for a distribution of funds by the State Board of Education to achieve a goal of "Preschool for All Children" through June 30, 2010 (instead of June 30, 2008). Changes the date (from July 1 to November 1) that the State Board of Education must report on the results and progress of students enrolled in preschool educational programs. Moves current language with respect to a report to the General Assembly concerning the distribution of new funding. Effective immediately.

DateChamber Action
  1/30/2008HouseFiled with the Clerk by Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie
  1/30/2008HouseAdded Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Cynthia Soto
  1/30/2008HouseAdded Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Roger L. Eddy
  1/30/2008HouseAdded Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Marlow H. Colvin
  1/30/2008HouseAdded Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Elizabeth Coulson
  1/30/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Jerry L. Mitchell
  2/1/2008HouseFirst Reading
  2/1/2008HouseReferred to Rules Committee
  2/6/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Kathleen A. Ryg
  2/6/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Elaine Nekritz
  2/6/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Elizabeth Hernandez
  2/6/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. William Davis
  2/14/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Ruth Munson
  2/14/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Suzanne Bassi
  2/14/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. LaShawn K. Ford
  2/14/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Robert S. Molaro
  2/14/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Naomi D. Jakobsson
  2/14/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Karen A. Yarbrough
  2/14/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia
  2/14/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Deborah L. Graham
  2/14/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Kevin A. McCarthy
  2/14/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Lou Lang
  2/14/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. David E. Miller
  2/14/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Angelo Saviano
  2/14/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Mark H. Beaubien, Jr.
  2/14/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Harry Osterman
  2/14/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Esther Golar
  2/14/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Julie Hamos
  2/14/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Donald L. Moffitt
  2/14/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Mike Boland
  2/14/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Ed Sullivan, Jr.
  2/14/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Sandra M. Pihos
  2/14/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Sara Feigenholtz
  2/14/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Fred Crespo
  2/14/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Annazette Collins
  2/14/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Joseph M. Lyons
  2/15/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Michael K. Smith
  2/22/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Maria Antonia Berrios
  2/22/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Monique D. Davis
  2/22/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Dennis M. Reboletti
  2/22/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Franco Coladipietro
  2/22/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. David Reis
  2/22/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Paul D. Froehlich
  2/22/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Constance A. Howard
  2/22/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Rosemary Mulligan
  2/22/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Kevin Joyce
  2/22/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Arthur L. Turner
  2/25/2008HouseAssigned to Elementary & Secondary Education Committee
  2/26/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Patrick J Verschoore
  2/26/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Daniel V. Beiser
  2/28/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Jack D. Franks
  3/5/2008HouseHouse Committee Amendment No. 1 Filed with Clerk by Elementary & Secondary Education Committee
  3/5/2008HouseHouse Committee Amendment No. 1 Adopted in Elementary & Secondary Education Committee; by Voice Vote
  3/5/2008HouseDo Pass as Amended / Short Debate Elementary & Secondary Education Committee; 014-000-000
  3/5/2008HousePlaced on Calendar 2nd Reading - Short Debate
  3/5/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Robert W. Pritchard
  3/5/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. William B. Black
  3/5/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Kenneth Dunkin
  3/6/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Robert F. Flider
  3/11/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. John A. Fritchey
  3/12/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Mike Fortner
  3/12/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Thomas Holbrook
  3/13/2008HouseSecond Reading - Short Debate
  3/13/2008HousePlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading - Short Debate
  3/20/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. John E. Bradley
  4/1/2008HouseThird Reading - Short Debate - Passed 108-000-000
  4/1/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Elga L. Jefferies
  4/2/2008SenateArrive in Senate
  4/2/2008SenatePlaced on Calendar Order of First Reading
  4/2/2008SenateChief Senate Sponsor Sen. Kimberly A. Lightford
  4/2/2008SenateFirst Reading
  4/2/2008SenateReferred to Rules
  4/2/2008SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. Heather Steans
  4/2/2008SenateAdded as Alternate Chief Co-Sponsor Sen. Deanna Demuzio
  4/2/2008SenateAdded as Alternate Chief Co-Sponsor Sen. John J. Millner
  4/3/2008SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. William Delgado
  4/3/2008SenateAdded as Alternate Chief Co-Sponsor Sen. Iris Y. Martinez
  4/4/2008SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. Don Harmon
  4/4/2008SenateSponsor Removed Sen. Don Harmon
  4/8/2008SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. Pamela J. Althoff
  4/9/2008SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. Mike Jacobs
  4/17/2008SenateAssigned to Education
  4/29/2008SenateAdded as Alternate Chief Co-Sponsor Sen. Don Harmon
  4/29/2008SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. A. J. Wilhelmi
  4/29/2008SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. James T. Meeks
  4/30/2008SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. M. Maggie Crotty
  5/1/2008SenateDo Pass Education; 008-001-000
  5/1/2008SenatePlaced on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading May 7, 2008
  5/1/2008SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. Jacqueline Y. Collins
  5/6/2008SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. Kwame Raoul
  5/7/2008SenateSecond Reading
  5/7/2008SenatePlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading May 8, 2008
  5/13/2008SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. Donne E. Trotter
  5/13/2008SenateThird Reading - Passed; 047-005-000
  5/13/2008HousePassed Both Houses
  5/30/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Luis Arroyo
  6/11/2008HouseSent to the Governor
  6/30/2008HouseGovernor Approved
  6/30/2008HouseEffective Date June 30, 2008
  6/30/2008HousePublic Act . . . . . . . . . 95-0724

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