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 Bill Status of HJRCA0045  95th General Assembly


House Sponsors
Rep. Tom Cross - Jil Tracy - Jim Durkin - Chapin Rose - Sidney H. Mathias, Donald L. Moffitt, Rosemary Mulligan, Ruth Munson, Richard P. Myers, JoAnn D. Osmond, Sandra M. Pihos, Raymond Poe, Robert W. Pritchard, Harry R. Ramey, Jr., Dennis M. Reboletti, David Reis, Jim Sacia, Angelo Saviano, Timothy L. Schmitz, Aaron Schock, Keith P. Sommer, Ron Stephens, Ed Sullivan, Jr., Michael Tryon, Ronald A. Wait, Jim Watson, Dave Winters, Suzanne Bassi, Mark H. Beaubien, Jr., Patricia R. Bellock, Bob Biggins, William B. Black, Mike Bost, Dan Brady, Rich Brauer, Franco Coladipietro, Sandy Cole, Elizabeth Coulson, Shane Cultra, Joe Dunn, Roger L. Eddy, Mike Fortner, Brent Hassert, Renée Kosel, Carolyn H. Krause, David R. Leitch, Michael P. McAuliffe, James H. Meyer, Bill Mitchell and Jerry L. Mitchell

Last Action
DateChamber Action
  5/4/2008HouseTabled Pursuant to Rule 46
ILCON Art. IV, Sec. 2 
ILCON Art. IV, Sec. 3 

Synopsis As Introduced
Proposes to amend the Legislature Article of the Illinois Constitution. Provides that the Senate by resolution (instead of the General Assembly by law) shall divide the Legislative Districts into 3 groups for the election of Senators. Provides that Legislative and Representative Districts shall reflect minority voting strengths and consider communities of interest (as well as be compact, contiguous, and substantially equal in population). Provides that, by June 30 in the year following each Federal decennial census year, the Senate and House, each by resolution adopted by two-thirds of the members elected, shall redistrict the Legislative and Representative Districts, respectively. If a resolution is not filed with the Secretary of State by June 30, provides that a Legislative District or a Representative District Redistricting Commission has until July 31 to redistrict the Legislative Districts or Representative Districts, as applicable. If a Commission fails to redistrict, requires the Chief Justice and another Judge of the Supreme Court to appoint a Special Master, who must be a retired federal judge, to redistrict by September 5. Requires Special Masters to use a computer program designated by the State Board of Elections and sets forth the requirements for that program. Limits the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court in redistricting actions. Makes other changes. Effective upon being declared adopted.

DateChamber Action
  4/17/2008HouseFiled with the Clerk by Rep. Tom Cross
  4/17/2008HouseChief Co-Sponsor Rep. Jil Tracy
  4/17/2008HouseChief Co-Sponsor Rep. Jim Durkin
  4/17/2008HouseChief Co-Sponsor Rep. Chapin Rose
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Sidney H. Mathias
  4/17/2008HouseMoved to Suspend Rule 25 Rep. William B. Black
  4/17/2008HouseRep. Barbara Flynn Currie Objects to the Motion
  4/17/2008HouseChair Rules Motion is Out of Order
  4/17/2008HouseAppeal Ruling of Chair Rep. William B. Black
  4/17/2008HouseShall the Chair be Sustained
  4/17/2008HouseMotion to Sustain the Chair - Prevailed 064-050-000
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Donald L. Moffitt
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Rosemary Mulligan
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Ruth Munson
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Richard P. Myers
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. JoAnn D. Osmond
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Sandra M. Pihos
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Raymond Poe
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Robert W. Pritchard
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Harry R. Ramey, Jr.
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Dennis M. Reboletti
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. David Reis
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Jim Sacia
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Angelo Saviano
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Timothy L. Schmitz
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Aaron Schock
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Keith P. Sommer
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Ron Stephens
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Ed Sullivan, Jr.
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Michael Tryon
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Ronald A. Wait
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Jim Watson
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Dave Winters
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Suzanne Bassi
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Mark H. Beaubien, Jr.
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Patricia R. Bellock
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Bob Biggins
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. William B. Black
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Mike Bost
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Dan Brady
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Rich Brauer
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Franco Coladipietro
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Sandy Cole
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Elizabeth Coulson
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Shane Cultra
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Joe Dunn
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Roger L. Eddy
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Mike Fortner
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Brent Hassert
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Renée Kosel
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Carolyn H. Krause
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. David R. Leitch
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Michael P. McAuliffe
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. James H. Meyer
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Bill Mitchell
  4/17/2008HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Jerry L. Mitchell
  4/17/2008HouseRead in Full a First Time
  4/17/2008HouseReferred to Rules Committee
  5/4/2008HouseTabled Pursuant to Rule 46

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