Bill Status of HB0085  93rd General Assembly


House Sponsors
Rep. Lou Lang - Eddie Washington - Mary E. Flowers - Kathleen A. Ryg - Elizabeth Coulson, Patricia Bailey, Robin Kelly, Elaine Nekritz, Kenneth Dunkin, Jack D. Franks, Richard T. Bradley, Ralph C. Capparelli, Robert S. Molaro, Thomas Holbrook, Cynthia Soto, Monique D. Davis, William Davis, Chapin Rose, Linda Chapa LaVia, Jack McGuire, Charles G. Morrow, III and David E. Miller

Senate Sponsors
(Sen. M. Maggie Crotty - Jacqueline Y. Collins - Donne E. Trotter - Mattie Hunter, Antonio Munoz, Iris Y. Martinez, James T. Meeks, Martin A. Sandoval, Patrick Welch and Edward D. Maloney)

Last Action
DateChamber Action
  7/23/2003HousePublic Act . . . . . . . . . 93-0300

Statutes Amended In Order of Appearance
320 ILCS 20/3.5
320 ILCS 20/4from Ch. 23, par. 6604
320 ILCS 20/7from Ch. 23, par. 6607

Synopsis As Introduced
Amends the Elder Abuse and Neglect Act. Extends the responsibilities of the Department on Aging to include education and warning programs about elder abuse in conjunction with other State departments, banks and other financial institutions, and utility companies. Provides that professionals who are mandated reporters who willfully fail to report suspected elder abuse shall be referred to the appropriate professional disciplinary board and that other mandated reporters who willfully fail to report are guilty of a misdemeanor. Extends the period of review by a provider agency of services provided to elders from up to one year to up to 2 years.

 Fiscal Note (Department on Aging)
 Estimated fiscal implications for House Bill 85 will initially cost the State of Illinois $308,114.

House Committee Amendment No. 1
Adds reference to:
320 ILCS 20/2from Ch. 23, par. 6602

Deletes everything after the enacting clause. Reinserts language from the bill as introduced and further amends the Elder Abuse and Neglect Act to add a person who performs the duties of a paramedic or an Emergency Medical Technician to the list of professions under the definition of "mandated reporter". Provides that the Department on Aging is responsible for solicitation of financial institutions for the purpose of making information available to the general public warning of financial exploitation of the elderly and related financial fraud or abuse (instead of coordinating education and warning efforts, including an ombudsman program with banks and financial institutions). Provides that a physician who willfully fails to report shall be referred to the Illinois State Medical Disciplinary Board. Provides that a dentist or dental hygienist who willfully fails to report shall be referred to the Department of Professional Regulation. Provides that other mandated reporters who fail to report are guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.

House Floor Amendment No. 2
Provides that all services provided to an eligible adult shall be reviewed by the provider agency on at least a quarterly basis for up to one year (instead of 2 years) to determine whether the service care plan should be continued or modified. Allows the Department of Aging to grant a waiver to extend the service care plan for up to an additional one year period.

 Fiscal Note (H-AM 1, H-AM 2) (Department on Aging)
 The amendments substantially remove the items that would cost to implement, therefore the revised fiscal note is that the bill would have no fiscal impact.

DateChamber Action
  1/7/2003HousePrefiled with Clerk by Rep. Lou Lang
  1/8/2003HouseFirst Reading
  1/8/2003HouseReferred to Rules Committee
  1/23/2003HouseAssigned to Aging Committee
  1/30/2003HouseAdded Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Mary E. Flowers
  1/30/2003HouseAdded Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Kathleen A. Ryg
  2/4/2003HouseFiscal Note Filed
  2/4/2003HouseAdded Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Eddie Washington
  2/6/2003HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Patricia Bailey
  2/6/2003HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Robin Kelly
  2/6/2003HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Elaine Nekritz
  2/6/2003HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Kenneth Dunkin
  2/6/2003HouseAdded Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Elizabeth Coulson
  2/6/2003HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Jack D. Franks
  2/20/2003HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Richard T. Bradley
  2/20/2003HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Ralph C. Capparelli
  2/20/2003HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Robert S. Molaro
  2/21/2003HouseHouse Committee Amendment No. 1 Filed with Clerk by Aging Committee
  2/21/2003HouseHouse Committee Amendment No. 1 Adopted in Aging Committee; by Voice Vote
  2/21/2003HouseDo Pass as Amended / Short Debate Aging Committee; 014-000-000
  2/21/2003HousePlaced on Calendar 2nd Reading - Short Debate
  2/21/2003HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Thomas Holbrook
  2/26/2003HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Frank Aguilar
  2/26/2003HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Cynthia Soto
  2/28/2003HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Monique D. Davis
  2/28/2003HouseHouse Floor Amendment No. 2 Filed with Clerk by Rep. Lou Lang
  2/28/2003HouseHouse Floor Amendment No. 2 Referred to Rules Committee
  3/4/2003HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. William Davis
  3/5/2003HouseHouse Floor Amendment No. 2 Recommends Be Adopted Rules Committee; 005-000-000
  3/17/2003HouseFiscal Note Filed revised as amended by House Amendments No. 1 & 2
  3/26/2003HouseSecond Reading - Short Debate
  3/26/2003HouseHouse Floor Amendment No. 2 Adopted by Voice Vote
  3/26/2003HousePlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading - Short Debate
  3/27/2003HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Chapin Rose
  3/27/2003HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia
  3/27/2003HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Jack McGuire
  3/27/2003HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Charles G. Morrow, III
  3/27/2003HouseThird Reading - Short Debate - Passed 117-000-000
  4/2/2003SenateArrive in Senate
  4/2/2003SenatePlaced on Calendar Order of First Reading April 3, 2003
  4/2/2003HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. David E. Miller
  4/3/2003SenateChief Senate Sponsor Sen. M. Maggie Crotty
  4/8/2003SenateFirst Reading
  4/8/2003SenateReferred to Rules
  4/16/2003SenateAssigned to Health & Human Services
  5/1/2003SenateDo Pass Health & Human Services; 011-000-000
  5/1/2003SenatePlaced on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading May 6, 2003
  5/1/2003SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. Antonio Munoz
  5/5/2003SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. Iris Y. Martinez
  5/6/2003SenateSecond Reading
  5/6/2003SenatePlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading May 7, 2003
  5/7/2003SenateAdded as Alternate Chief Co-Sponsor Sen. Jacqueline Y. Collins
  5/7/2003SenateAdded as Alternate Chief Co-Sponsor Sen. Donne E. Trotter
  5/7/2003SenateAdded as Alternate Chief Co-Sponsor Sen. Mattie Hunter
  5/7/2003SenateThird Reading - Passed; 058-000-000
  5/7/2003HousePassed Both Houses
  5/16/2003SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. James T. Meeks
  5/19/2003SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. Martin A. Sandoval
  5/19/2003SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. Patrick Welch
  5/19/2003SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. Edward D. Maloney
  6/5/2003HouseSent to the Governor
  7/23/2003HouseGovernor Approved
  7/23/2003HouseEffective Date January 1, 2004
  7/23/2003HousePublic Act . . . . . . . . . 93-0300