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HR0436LRB101 12698 ALS 61365 r


2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives wish to congratulate Reverend Ruben I. Cruz on
4the occasion of his retirement from Chicago's First Spanish
5Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and his many years of
6work and service in the Latino community throughout Illinois;
8    WHEREAS, Since 1964, Reverend Cruz has served as the Lead
9Pastor of Chicago's Christian Church, the oldest protestant
10Spanish-speaking congregation in Chicago; and
11    WHEREAS, In Chicago, Reverend Cruz is known for his media
12presence, which started with WMAQ-TV, Channel 5, Everyman
13Program of the Church Federation of Greater Chicago in the mid
141960s; and
15    WHEREAS, Reverend Cruz joined WLS-TV, Channel 7, as
16producer of the "Oiga Amigo" show, the first television program
17on WLS-TV that addressed the needs of the Hispanic community in
18the Chicagoland area; he co-hosted "Ayuda," a Spanish-language
19television program on WCIU-TV, and hosted "Esta Semana," a
20community affairs television program on Fox Chicago; he has
21participated in a series of interviews on WMBI, Radio
22Esperanza, the Spanish-language program of the Moody



HR0436- 2 -LRB101 12698 ALS 61365 r

1Broadcasting System, about the political involvement of
2Hispanics; and
3    WHEREAS, In the late 1970s, Reverend Cruz wrote a column in
4Spanish for the Chicago Sun-Times; it was the first of its kind
5to be published in a major newspaper in a metropolitan area in
6the United States; and
7    WHEREAS, In 1983, Reverend Cruz was the first Latino to
8give the invocation at the Illinois House of Representatives
9Inauguration, where he began in Spanish and then translated the
10invocation into English; he accepted an invitation to give the
11invocation at the 2003 Inauguration; and
12    WHEREAS, Reverend Cruz has served on many boards and
13commissions, including the Governor of Puerto Rico's Advisory
14Council on Mainland Puerto Rican Affairs, the Chicago Community
15Coordinated Child Care Committee, the Communication Commission
16of the Church Federation of Greater Chicago, the Easter
17Society, the Lincoln Park Zoological Society, the Chicago
18UNICEF Committee, the Chicago Area Literacy and Reading
19Centers, Inc., and the Commission of the Council of Hispanic
20American Ministers USA; and
21    WHEREAS, Reverend Cruz has been appointed to the Illinois
22Arts Council by Governor Dan Walker, where he served as



HR0436- 3 -LRB101 12698 ALS 61365 r

1Chairman of the Media Panel, the State of Illinois' first
2Spanish Speaking People's Study Commission by Speaker of the
3Illinois House of Representatives Robert Blair, and the Board
4of Health of the City of Chicago by Mayor Richard J. Daley; he
5was a founding member and chairman of the Board of Directors of
6ASPIRA, an organization devoted to helping Hispanics enter
7college and continue their higher education; and
8    WHEREAS, Reverend Cruz has received many awards and
9commendations, including being inducted as the first lifetime
10member of the Lincoln Academy of Illinois, a society that
11honors individuals whose contributions to the betterment of
12humanity have been accomplished on behalf of Illinois; he has
13received the Centro Romero Lifetime Achievement Award and the
14Governor's Citation of the Chicago Chapter of the National
15Academy of Television Arts and Science for his programs about
16Chicago's Hispanic Americans; therefore, be it
19we congratulate Reverend Ruben I. Cruz on his retirement from
20Chicago's First Spanish Christian Church and commend his 55
21years of service to the congregation and the State of Illinois;
22and be it further
23    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be



HR0436- 4 -LRB101 12698 ALS 61365 r

1presented to Reverend Cruz as an expression of our esteem and